The annual Ahart reunion was Sunday, June 24, at Citizens Memorial Hospital Community Room 2, Bolivar. Lunch was served after the blessing was asked by Bro. Tim Simpson.

Those attending were:

    •    From Camdenton — Joyce Mann;

    •    From Eldon — Karen Cooper;

    •    From Lee's Summit — Gene Allison, Sandy and Natalie Cutler;

    •    From Kansas City — Liz Allison

    •    From Stockton — Paul and Dixie Wallen, Brent and Jasa Wallen, Bondena Neill and Gary Simpson;

    •    From Halfway — Ron and Marilyn Myers and Angie Shields;

    •    From Bolivar — Clarence and Norma Gorden, Duaine and Shirley Ahart, Dora Kay Miller and Trevor Skelton;

    •    From Polk — Bobby and Wathena Simpson, Tim Simpson, Cindy Carter, Brandon, Jason and Marissa Carter;

    •    From Springfield — Larry and Betty Jackson, Robert Jackson and Thomas Wallen;

    •    From El Dorado Springs — Jerry and Teresa Simpson;

    •    From Bella Vista, Arkansas —  Quinn Simpson.

Door prizes were won by Clarence Gorden, Quinn Simpson, Bobby Simpson and Marilyn Myers. The guessing game was won by Betty Jackson.

Next year's reunion will be on the fourth Sunday in June at Citizens Memorial Hospital community rooms.

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