Rabbit show results, as provided by Polk County Extension, are as follows:

    •    Pee Wee — Gideon Long.

    •    New Zealand best of breed — Rebekah Long.

    •    Best opposite sex — Ryan Hoxsie.

    •    California best of breed — Rebekah Long.

    •    Best opposite sex — Eli Long.

    •    Satin Angora best of breed — Hope Heryford.

    •    Best opposite sex — Hope Heryford.

    •    Mini Rex best of breed — Chelsea Swan.

    •    Best opposite sex — Liberty Hammer.

    •    Mini Lop best of breed — Liberty Hammer.

    •    Best opposite sex — Jordan Tucker.

    •    Jersey Wooly best of breed — Jordan Tucker.

    •    Best opposite sex — Jordan Tucker.

    •    Lionhead best of breed — Jordan Tucker.

    •    Dutch best of breed — Emily Winder.

    •    Best in Show — Rebekah Long, New Zealand.

    •    Reserve in Show — Jordan Tucker, Jersey Wooly.

    •    Champion crossbreed — Jordan Tucker.

    •    Reserve crossbreed — Rebekah Long.

    •    Grand Champion Single Fryer — Zoe Warden.

    •    Reserve Champion Single Fryer — Meghan Hoxsie.

    •    Grand Champion Meat Pen — Meghan Hoxsie.

    •    Reserve Champion Meat Pen — Rebekah Long.

    •    Best fur — Ryan Hoxsie.

    •    Junior Showmanship — Hannah Tomlinson.

    •    Senior Showmanship — Emily Winder.

McKenzie Taylor, one blue ribbon, two red; Alexis Sole, one red, three white; Jordan Tucker,  eleven blue,  two red, two white; Liberty Hammer, five blue; Hope Heryford, four red; Konner Moore, one red; Zoe Warden, three blue; Meghan Hoxsie, three blue,  one red; Ryan Hoxsie, three blue, three red; Chelsea Swan, two blue, one red; Hannah Tomlinson,  two blue; Isaac Long, three blue; Eli Long, one blue; Rebekah Long, four blue, two red; Emily Winder, five blue, four red, one white.

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