A Kansas City woman faces several felony theft charges in Polk County Circuit Court after running from the Missouri State Highway Patrol earlier this month.

Online court records show Cheryl Lynn Stutts, 36, of Kansas City is charged with class B felony trafficking in stolen identities, class D felony first-degree tampering with a motor vehicle and possession of a controlled substance and class E felony escape or attempted escape from custody, as well as four misdemeanor traffic charges.

According to the probable cause statement, a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper encountered Stutts when her vehicle, a 2008 Lexus SUV, was in a ditch along Mo. 83 south of East 340th Road at around 1 a.m. on Thursday, July 5.

Stutts, who gave a false name and date of birth, told the trooper her vehicle ran out of gas as she was “trying to get to Arkansas” traveling from Springfield, the statement said. Stutts said she had changed her appearance and was attempting to escape an abusive husband.

During his investigation, the trooper found the Lexus was reported stolen during an aggravated burglary on June 27 in Leawood, Kansas, the statement said.   

The trooper placed Stutts under arrest on suspicion of tampering with a motor vehicle, handcuffed her and placed her in the front of his patrol car while he completed “a quick inventory” of the Lexus. While he conducted the search, the statement said Stutts fled from the patrol car.

The trooper, along with help from four Polk County deputies, could not locate Stutts.

During his search of the vehicle, the trooper found the driver's licenses and photo IDs, social security cards and credit cards of 11 different victims from both Missouri and Kansas. He also found a baggie of methamphetamine, a glass pipe with crystal residue and a used syringe, the statement said.  

A warrant with a $100,000 bond has been issued for Stutts' arrest. 

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