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When you think about what’s changed the job search more than anything else over the past 10 years or so, it’s probably the exponentially growing influence of social media. Job seekers have learned to be more cautious about what they post online (at least they should be), and it’s opened up a whole new pool […]

Recruitment marketing is a broad-based strategy that combines employer branding and time-tested marketing strategies with social media and technology to attract top talent to organizations. Often this type of marketing falls under the umbrella of the talent acquisition team—not simply to advertise a single job, but to also think bigger and attract talented candidates by […]

One of the keys to running a successful business is staffing it with a team of superhero employees. That vital process often begins with a recruiter. Finding and securing the best-of-the-best is a recruiter’s job, one that requires some specific skills and personality traits. If you’re considering a career in corporate recruiting, you should first […]

Attention recruiters—are you feeling a bit of existential despair when it comes to your profession? If so, you’re not alone. Most of us go through inflection periods at various points in our careers and begin to wonder if we’re stuck in a dead-end profession, merely punching a clock and wasting time that would be better […]