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The restaurant’s new owners pose for a photo out front. Those pictured include owners Lance and Amber Hoelscher, Brooke Heydenreich and Dakota Duvall.

Lance Hoelscher cited one goal for the future of Boone’s BBQ Barn.

“We want it to be like a Lambert’s Cafe,” said Hoelscher, who purchased the Bolivar restaurant with three business partners in December. “It’s a place people drive from all over to eat at.”

Key to that is keeping things fresh at the local institution, he said. The restaurant recently started serving beef from the Lucas Oil Ranch in Cross Timbers.

Hoelscher’s wife works for the company. 

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The slow smoked half chicken is a Sunday special.

“We’re not going to keep it the same,” he said. We’re always going to be changing.”

The business’ new owners have, so far, proved their case. 

After less than a month at the reins, Hoelscher said the new owners opened up the restaurant’s second floor for regular use. A bar had originally been built on the second floor, but the upstairs space was mainly used for planned events.

“Schools used it for their teacher Christmas parties,” he said. “The banquets were really only busy for them in December. It was a lot of Christmas parties. Other than that, it was sitting here empty.”

It’s now home to a full-service bar.

Fresh dining tables, along with pool and shuffleboard tables, were also added. 

“We just felt like we needed something up here,” he said. 

Hoelscher said the team’s goals include hosting pool and shuffleboard tournaments, along with live music, both inside and outside the restaurant. 

So far, a New Year’s Eve party, along with UFC fight night viewing have been held upstairs, he said. Two performers have played downstairs, as well, he said. 

A nearby stretch of land accompanied the property, and Hoelscher said the owners hope to one day own the surrounding 40 acres, as well. 

“We’ve also got big plans for the summer with outdoor concerts and a big swap meet out in the field,” he said. “Our goal is to have one big event outside each month this summer.” 

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The restaurant recently reopened its upstairs bar. Pictured are three specialty drinks. 

Before too much else is done, though, Hoelscher said the restaurant may need to expand its parking lot. The past three weekends have seen its parking lot filled to capacity, with patrons parking, and subsequently getting stuck, in a nearby field. 

“So far, I think we’ve proven there’s a market for what we’re doing,” he said. 

Boone’s BBQ Barn is at 5260 Scenic Ave. To reach the restaurant, call 326-7008. 

It’s open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday to Sunday. 

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