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The new location purchased by Creator Designs in January is at 522 W Aldrich Road. The building allows more space for production and brings the company closer to people in Bolivar, according to Dwain Banner.

Bolivar’s Creator Designs is set to expand production at a new location at 522 W Aldrich Road in Bolivar.

Creator Designs’ storefronts,  Creator Delights on West Aldrich Road and East Broadway Street, will remain at their locations. Creator Designs’ facility on Mo. 13 will be moved to the new site, north of Mo. 32. 

“We’re moving the whole production facility and everything to that address,” said Creator Designs owner Dwain Banner, referring to the new address next to Southwest Baptist University’s physical plant. 

Banner said Creator Designs’ current facility is around 15,000 square feet, while the new facility is  “a little over 40,000” square feet, he said. 

Banner said the expansion came after the company had run out of room where it’s currently located, with the opportunity to buy the new property providing “about 2 ½ times the amount of space, and extra space for a change.”

The building, he said, was purchased in January this year, and renovations to the property began about a month ago.

“We hope to move sometime in late December or early January,” Banner said.  

He said the company is excited to expand “what we do.”

“We’ve got a couple of new things coming,” Banner said, who noted he wouldn’t elaborate on what they are yet. “And we’re going to make ourselves much more available to the public. We’ll be much closer to the town and serve the people in Bolivar much better — and service people much better overall.”

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