Fans of Domino’s Pizza in Bolivar can expect to pick up orders from a new store later this year.

Domino’s recently purchased the lot at 623 S. Albany Ave. in Bolivar, where the former Commerce Bank drive-thru used to stand.

New Bolivar Domino's store

A 3D rendering design of the building’s projected plan. 

The company has already drawn up plans to build a 1,920-square-foot free standing building on the property, according to Domino’s spokesman Art Hurteau. 

Hurteau said the current store will be relocated to the new building. 

He said the new building will be an improvement from the current location.

He explained the building will add a drive-up pick-up window, more seating, more kitchen space and two public restrooms.

The new pick-up window will give customers more convenient choices for how they would like to pick up their order, according to Hurteau. 

He said construction is expected to begin before Aug. 1. The project is anticipated to take 4 to 4 ½ months. The new store is expected to open sometime in early December.

An iconic lot 

Domino’s new building will stand on the lot where Commerce Bank’s drive-thru building operated for nearly four decades.

The drive-thru opened in 1978. Because it was positioned near what was then the southern edge of town, it helped pave the way for additional construction in that direction. 

The drive-thru’s unique stone structure became something of a Bolivar icon.

Previous owner David Cribbs, founder and owner of DCBC LLC, told the BH-FP in 2017 the stone on the outside of the building came from "the lime quarry here in Bolivar.” 

After Commerce’s operations closed on South Albany Avenue, the building served as a site for temporary city offices from 2013 to 2014 while mold remediation and renovations at City Hall were completed.

It was demolished in 2017.

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