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Family purchases Moon Ridge plant

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The Moon Ridge Foods plant, now under new ownership, sits on Rt. H north of Pleasant Hope. 

An Oregon family with ties to the cattle business has purchased Pleasant Hope’s Moon Ridge Foods meat processing plant. 

“I can confirm we bought it,” family member Dallen Davies told the BH-FP on Friday, July 31. “But, we are pretty early in the process and not quite ready to make a statement,” he added. 

Davies said he spent that Friday helping unpack his family's things after they bought a house and moved to Bolivar recently. 

“The name on the plant, that name is no longer accurate,” he said. “It’s going to be changing.”

Davies said he couldn’t yet speak to what it would be called. 

As the BH-FP previously reported, the 110,000 square-foot renovated plant, located in the former Tai Shin processing plant on Rt. H north of Pleasant Hope, officially opened for business as Moon Ridge Foods in September 2016. It closed in January 2018 under unclear circumstances.  

Several members of the Davies family, including his father, are involved in the industry, he said. 

The family has built several beef companies, including Oregon’s Grass Valley Beef, Davies said. 

“Grass Valley Beef is one beef brand we’re a part of,” he said. “We build a lot of beef programs.”

According to publicly available property transfers from the Polk County Recorder's Office, the plant sold last month to a company called SDNG LLC.

SDNG LLC is registered with a Paxico, Kansas, address, which it shares with a cattle operation called Nextgen Cattle Co. Nextgen markets itself as a seedstock operation with the goal to serve commercial cattlemen. 

Brent King, a Kansas City attorney appointed by a judge to act as receiver, or a neutral party charged with helping companies manage insolvency, told the BH-FP on Friday, July 31, he’d helped sell the plant to the family.

“This is a great thing,” King said. “The plant is sold, and it’s going to reopen. Those are jobs and opportunities for people.”

King said he wasn’t comfortable speaking further to the future of the plant and directed questions to Davies. 

Gail Noggle, the executive director of the Polk County Economic Development Alliance, said she spoke with the Davies family and has been told more information will be available soon. 

Davies said the family should be ready to share more “in a few weeks.”

“This community has been amazing, and we’re glad to be here,” he said. 

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