Frisco Village

Parker Development and Fairway Construction announce Frisco Senior Village with a sign at the construction site on South Oakland Ave.

A plan for a new senior village, first proposed to the Bolivar Board of Aldermen in September 2017, has been set into motion.  

Parker Development, LLC, out of Joplin, has just began construction on the Frisco Senior Village, a senior affordable housing development on a 10-acre plot of land on South Oakland Avenue. The village is predicted to be completed by June 1, 2020. 

“This development will provide safe, quality, secure housing to seniors,” Parker Development president Kevin Parker said via email.

The housing development will consist of 42 one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments for seniors 55 years of age or older, Parker said. All of the units will be single-story and situated in seven separate six-plex style buildings.

The village will also provide a community building, giving tenants community rooms, a fitness area and a business center, Parker said.

Parker added that the development will only take up 5.7 of the available 10 acres of land, leaving room for future expansion. 

The total development will cost around $8 million, Parker said.

Parker said that since the proposal to Bolivar’s Board of Aldermen in late 2017, Parker Development has “accomplished a lot behind the scenes in the past 18 months.” 

“We have been working on completing construction plans and going through various financing, environmental, permitting and budget approval processes on a local and state level,” he said. “In the past two weeks, we have closed on the land, mobilized our site contractor and started site excavation.”

Parker believes that Bolivar is a great fit for a new senior residential development.

“We feel like Bolivar is an excellent town for both raising a family and retirement for a number of reasons,” he said. “For seniors, this town has a peaceful small town feel while offering all of the ideal services and amenities.”

The readily available healthcare services in the area make Bolivar even more appealing to senior citizens, Parker said.

“Citizens Memorial Hospital and its network of clinics are a huge draw for seniors in this region,” he said. “CMH estimates that it regularly draws patients from some nine surrounding counties.” 

Parker Development also saw the available plot of land as a big incentive to build a senior village. 

“The senior center, Roy Blunt YMCA, golf course, banks, churches, grocery stores and restaurants are all within about a mile of the site,” Parker said. 

The village’s namesake also ties into its location.

“The direct access to the Frisco Highline Trail from our site is very convenient and perfect for active seniors,” he said. “We thought this was such a unique amenity that we named the project after it.”

Parker also said the project could boost Bolivar’s economy.

“This development stimulates the local economy by creating jobs, sales tax revenue, property tax revenue, and work for local contractors and suppliers. Our general contractor, Fairway Construction, strives to use as many local subcontractors and suppliers as possible,” he said.

Residential facilities for seniors are in high demand in Bolivar, with “the existing senior apartments maintaining occupancy close to 100%, with many carrying a waiting list,” Parker said.

This village could be a lasting success in Bolivar, Parker added. 

“We will be building a quality product that will serve senior residents of Bolivar and Polk County on limited or fixed income for decades to come.”

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