Bolivar residents can now have groceries from Aldi delivered right to their doorsteps through an online app called “Instacart.” 

“(Instacart) is an app that you can download on your phone, and you can send an individual with your cart information to go shopping for you,” said Bo Hannon, Aldi’s assistant manager. “... Basically, you make out your list, and (the deliverer) comes out and buys it for you. It’s a really simple thing.”

Austin delivers Aldi groceries

Aldi Instacart shopper Austin makes a delivery Sunday, July 28, to a Bolivar home. 

He said there’s no limit to the amount of groceries a shopper can purchase. 

Hannon added Instacart users aren’t limited to Bolivar’s city limits. 

“It’s just whatever stores are closest to your location,” he said.  

While Aldi is the only option available on Instacart’s Bolivar radius so far, another grocery store, Woods Supermarket, is working on its own grocery delivery system.

“We have one in the works,” said Freda Chism, Woods Supermarket administrative assistant.  

Chism said there are logistic issues for the delivery system that Woods management is “working on.”

“We do have a delivery system for floral and pharmaceuticals,” she added.

If implemented, Woods’ delivery system will not be the only convenient shopping choice at their location. In 2017, the store introduced a curbside pickup service that allows customers to order groceries online and pick them up curbside.

Walmart’s grocery pickup rolled out earlier this month on July 2. A manager at Bolivar’s Walmart told the BH-FP the store does not have a grocery delivery system. 

Other Walmart stores in Missouri do offer grocery delivery. The BH-FP reached out to Walmart headquarters Monday to ask if any plans were in the works for delivery at the Bolivar location. As of press time Tuesday, no response had been received for that question.


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