Police investigate shots fired at car

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The Bolivar Police Department is investigating shots fired into a vehicle last week. 

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Following BH-FP requests for information, a Dec. 13 BPD news release said officers responded to the 400 block of South Chicago Avenue at around 6:40 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 3, “for a report of shots fired into a vehicle.” 

“The caller was able to drive away from the scene without injury and went to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office to await officers,” the release said. 

The release said BPD officers responded to South Chicago Avenue while Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies stayed with the victim. 

“When officers arrived on scene on South Chicago Avenue, they located six spent 9mm pistol casings,” the release said.  

According to witnesses, a man exited a passenger car, fired six shots at the victims’s truck, returned to the vehicle and drove north on Chicago, the release said.   

“When officers inspected the victim’s vehicle, they were able to find that the truck had been struck by at least three bullets,” the release said. 

Lt. Roger Barron said Friday afternoon it appears the suspect and victim did not know each other. 

The release said shortly after this report, officers received a report of a hit and run crash in the vicinity of the shooting. 

“The suspect vehicle in the hit and run matched the description of the vehicle used in the shooting,” the release said. 

Later the same night, Polk County deputies found a passenger car matching the suspect vehicle description and arrested a 27-year-old Bolivar man on traffic-related charges.  

Charges for the shooting have not yet been filed, and the investigation is ongoing, Barron said. 

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