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Ballot election

Polk County voters will have a number of decisions to make at the polls this April, with multiple municipal races featuring on the ballot. 

Bolivar alderman Justin Ballard faces a challenge from Billy L. Glover, while, in Fair Play, three candidates have filed for two open seats. 

Pleasant Hope will also see a contested race for its board of aldermen, with two incumbents and a challenger seeking two seats. 

Polk County’s municipal post filing deadline was Tuesday, Jan. 21.  Terms are generally two years, unless otherwise noted. The following candidates have filed for office:

Aldrich: Two trustee posts on the village board will be open for election in April. Leroy Gilbert and Peggy McDougal have filed. 

Bolivar: Four aldermen seats — one from each ward — will be up for re-election in April. Incumbent Ethel Mae Tennis filed for ward 1. Incumbent Ballard and  Glover filed for ward 2. Incumbents Steve Sagaser and Alexis Neal filed for wards 3 and 4, respectively. 

Fair Play: Two aldermen positions will be open for election this April. Incumbents Larry Daniels and Jordan Sukovaty have filed, along with Richard Vest.

Flemington: Five seats on the village board of trustees are available. Two are one-year terms. Three are two-year terms. No one has filed. 

Halfway: Two trustee positions will be open on the Halfway Board of Trustees. Incumbents Michael Payne and James McCoy filed.

Humansville:  Six posts will be open in the April election, including mayor and tax collector. 

Four aldermen seats — one-year and two-year northward aldermen seats and one-year and two-year southward aldermen — will be open for election. 

Incumbent Eric Hoskins has filed for the northward two-year term. Rhonda Rogers filed for the northward one-year term. 

Stacey Evering filed for the southward one-year term. Josef Wagner filed for the southward two-year term. 

Incumbent Carl Long and Gary Shannon have filed for mayor. Kelsey Owings filed to run for collector.

Morrisville: Two alderman-at-large seats and the mayor position will be open for election. All are two-year terms. 

Incumbent aldermen Dustin Kessler and Fred Pratte filed, along with incumbent mayor Dan Melilli.

Pleasant Hope: Two alderman-at-large seats will be open for election in April. Tammy Hickman has filed, along with incumbents Rodney Lee and Gary L. Dooley.

School boards

Several seats on Polk County’s six school boards will be on the April ballot. Elected board members will serve a three-year term, unless otherwise noted.

Bolivar R-1: Three 3-year and one 1-year positions will be up for election. Jonathan Moores, incumbent Cecil Brandon Van Deren, Jared Wayne Taylor and incumbent Jeralen Shive filed for the three-year terms. Keri Clayton and Mike Ryan filed for the one-year term.

Fair Play R-2: Three 3-year seats will be up for election. Jennifer Schwartz, Cindy L. Bruce, Trampas Harman, Joshua M. Logan, Lee E. Neil II and Lauren Shuler-West have filed.

Halfway R-3: Three 3-year positions will be up for election. Incumbents Jeremy Michael Sibley, Kenton Dwight Payne and Lisa Stringfellow have filed, along with Curt J. Allen and Gary Lee Doke.

Humansville R-4: Three 3-year seats will be up for election. Margo Long, Eleanor Biron, Shawn Baker, Shawn Kenney, Melody Bays and incumbent Cassie Ahlers have filed.

Marion C. Early R-5: Three 3-year seats will be up for election. Incumbents Thomas Francka and Kevin Painter have filed, along with Ginger Bumgarner and Mike Haynes. 

Pleasant Hope R-6: Three 3-year seats will be up for election.Mitzi Kelly, Jacob Miller, Brandon Buckle and Donnie Pulley, along with incumbents Cherie Hobson and Brandon Presley. 

Other boards

The following additional boards and districts have seats up for election in April.

Walnut Grove Fire District: Members serve a six-year term. Dwaine Bourke has filed. 

Pleasant Hope Fire Protection District: Members serve a six-year term. No one has filed.

Citizens Memorial Hospital District: One 6-year and one 2-year at-large director seats will be open. Both Jody Shelenhamer and incumbent Robin Sechler have filed for the six-year term. Incumbent Joan Woods filed for the two-year term. 

Polk County Health: Two 4-year and one unexpired 2-year trustee posts will be open. Todd Earl has filed for the unexpired term that he is currently filling. Mark Roberts and Jenni Williams have filed. 

Blue Mound Special Road District: Commissioner term is three years. Maynard Eigsti has filed. 

Central Polk County Fire Protection District: A six-year and an unexpired two-year term will be open. Kevin Hudson filed for the two-year term. Jim Welch filed for the six-year term.

Heights Area Reorganized Common Sewer District: Trustee term is five years. Jonathan Wehmeyer has filed.

Humansville Special Road District: David A. Sandgren filed for a seat on the district board. 

Fair Grove Fire Protection District: One six-year term will be open. Phillip Butch Morris filed.

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