Firefighters extinguish a fire inside a damaged mobile home in the 800 block of East 560th Road Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 13.

Preston Paris was with his family inside his home in the 800 block of East 560th Road Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 13, when his smoke detectors began going off.

Looking around, he said the family first grabbed their dogs to get them out of the home before investigating.

“I said, ‘Grab the dogs. Get them outside,’” Paris said. “I went back in to see where it was coming from and the back bedroom, the second one in, (fire) was coming up the wall and up the ceiling.”

A blaze that severely damaged Paris’ home brought firefighters from five area departments dashing into his front yard southwest of Morrisville. 

Paris said he had a fire extinguisher in a shop building and had started toward it before realizing the fire had already grown too big.

“(The fire) was full blast when I got it,” he said. “I just started pushing cars out of the way to make rooms for the trucks.”

Dunnegan, Morrisville, Willard, Ebenezer and Walnut Grove fire protection districts responded to the scene.

Ebenezer Assistant Chief Heath Dalton said his department arrived at the home after Walnut Grove. At the time, the fire covered about half of the structure, he said.

“When we arrived the whole back of the house was on fire,” Dalton said. “We made a defensive attack at first until we got all of our personnel on scene, and then I sent two of my guys interior to get that back side.”

Dalton said crews were able to cut power to the home easily and get the fire under control quickly. In total, he estimated they were able to save about a quarter of the home.

“It was a standard, everyday mobile home fire,” he said. “We’re fortunate we caught it the way we did. Coming from a long distance away, it’s going to burn a little bit, but that we were able to keep it standing the way it was is impressive.”

No injuries were reported, he added, and an investigation into the cause of the fire hadn’t yet started.

Paris said the family had dealt with electrical issues in the past, and had previously smelled something “smoldering.”

He said they’d be able to stay with family members who lived nearby.

Find more, including additional photos, in an upcoming issue of the BH-FP. 

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