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Based, I presume, on his extensive training and experience in the field of epidemiology, the publisher of our paper has declared that it is now OK to reopen our local economy. He has also taken it upon himself to advise the governor and the scientists and physicians who are charged with addressing this crisis. 

I will agree that if we did not enjoy the benefit of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the epidemiology modeling resource at the University of Washington, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Dr. Debra Birx, virtually all physicians, nurses and first responders, and the families of the almost 50,000 Americans who have lost loved ones, Dr. Honeycutt is precisely the authority into whose hands I would place my welfare. Some people just have an innate understanding of viruses. 

It is regrettable that The Publisher's expertise was not brought to the attention of the experts, those who actually have demonstrable credentials, before now. He could have saved the world a great deal of suffering, trouble and expense. I have no doubt that this is largely due to his modesty. 

As it now stands, we have lost more Americans in about a month from COVID-19 than we do in a year of the flu, and we're just getting started. Is it the time to take a wild shot and see how it goes? Georgia took a flier Friday and most of the Confederacy will soon follow. It's a sad way to learn a lesson, but we Americans sometimes insist on learning for ourselves.

If any of the legitimate experts are to be believed, opening too early will result in many, many more infections and deaths across the nation. This doesn’t seem to bother Mr. Honeycutt. Thank goodness that, according to the polls, the great majority of Americans polled and virtually all the experts have much better judgment. Even Fox News is backtracking as fast as it can.

Some of the previous statements made by Mr. Honeycutt in this paper have caused me to scratch my head and wish for the more professional journalists who have managed this noble publication in years past. I look forward to the return which, I predict, will come before too long. I've watched the Bolivar paper for the better part of 70 years and it has been the lifeline of our community.

— D.G. Hacker, DDS

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Bravo, Dr Hacker. Well said.

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