Jera Shive

Board candidate Jera Shive responds to a question from board president Paula Hubbert during her interview Tuesday, June 4.

Bolivar resident Jera Shive was chosen to fill a vacant position by the Bolivar R-1 School Board during a special open session Tuesday, June 4.

Shive was chosen over three other applicants, Keri Clayton, Wren Hall and Jared Taylor. The interview process of all applicants was done publicly.

After the interviews, board members were invited by President Paula Hubbert to make a motion to nominate a candidate to take the position.

There was no discussion between the board members.

Treasurer Bill vanHoornbeek made the motion to nominate Shive. Member Brandon Van Deren seconded the motion, and all board members unanimously agreed to appoint Shive.

“Advocating for the strength of the school district is something that is important to me,” Shive said in her interview.

Shive was previously the chief financial officer of a software company, with past experience in finance and accounting.

Shive is filling the spot of past board member Nathan Duncan, who resigned June 1. Duncan resigned after one year on the board as he and his family prepare to move away from Bolivar this month.

Shive immediately assumed the position after being sworn in by board secretary Sheila Anderson, who administered her oath.

Read more about the interviews and Shive’s selection in an upcoming edition of the Bolivar Herald-Free Press. The next open meeting of the Bolivar R-1 School Board is set for Tuesday, June 18.

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