A detached garage northwest of Humansville was destroyed by fire Tuesday morning, May 5. 

Humansville Fire and Rescue Chief John Hopkins told the BH-FP his department was called to the scene of a structure fire on East 310th Road about 6:30 a.m. Tuesday. 

Hopkins said firefighters arrived to find what he described as “just a closed-in garage” on fire.

“It wasn’t much of a wood frame,” he said. “It was just tin, mostly. It was pretty well gone when we got there.”

Hopkins said firefighters “went ahead and just put it out.”

No injuries were reported in the blaze, he said.  

While his investigation didn’t reveal a cause, Hopkins said the Polk County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an “ongoing investigation.”

Sheriff Danny Morrison said deputies “responded to the garage fire, and the state fire marshal is investigating it.” 

“It is considered suspicious at this time,” he said. 

Christine Saiz, public educator for the state fire marshal's office, confirmed the office was looking into the fire and said more information will be available when its investigation is complete. 

Dunnegan Rural Fire Department and Central Polk County Fire Protection District responded in mutual aid, the chief said. 

Departments extinguish chimney fire

Firefighters from Dunnegan Rural Fire Department and Walnut Grove Fire Protection District extinguished a fire in a chimney at a home in Aldrich around midnight Wednesday, May 6. 

Dunnegan Rural Fire Department Assistant Chief Dan Stoltzfus told the BH-FP the blaze started when a fire in the chimney melted electrical wiring, creating a short. 

He said the homeowner shut off power and used a water hose, helping knock down the fire.

“It was limited to minor damage,” he said. 

Jill Way contributed to this article. 

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