During the second semester of the 2014-15 school year, for 30 minutes each day, about 15 students spent time in the school library where Library Media Specialist Bobbie Wooderson helped facilitate as they create movies, websites, recycling clubs, apps and more. BHS’s Genius Hour is inspired by a Google initiative to give its employees time to pursue their interests and passions during the work day.

Students participating in Genius Hour last year worked to plan and create a Makerspace for the school. Wooderson told the BH-FP last year that the room would be connected to the library and would house objects and tools students could use to work on projects and passions.

“The Makerspace is based on the maker movement of taking materials that are already there and refurbishing them into something new,” Wooderson said. “It gives students the opportunity to be creative and hands on so they’re not just sitting at a desk. They’re actually manipulating the tools and working with them.”

Since January, Genius Hour students have been designing the space and coming up with ways to raise money to stock the Makerspace with everything they need to be creative in the classroom.

“A Makerspace for the high school library will offer teens a space that extends learning beyond the classroom where they are free to explore, create and share our original ideas,” Wooderson said. “As a 21st Century library, we are providing a learning commons focused on the research of 21st Century careers. Roles of a librarian still remain research based, but that research goes beyond just books.”

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