This month for yours truly has been filled with grandfatherly-type things, ranging from long afternoon naps that are more necessity than choice to watching a lot of grandchildren ballgames in a lot of places.

Substantial time also has been logged with stick in hand chasing a small round ball around what was once a Polk County dairy farm. The result is still triple digit strokes, but nothing so far that results in a trip to the hospital.

In other words, this June is substantially different from last June, which began with the swearing in of Mike Parson as replacement governor and quickly followed with the smothering heat of a 150th anniversary celebration for the Bolivar Free Press and the 50th anniversary of the combined Bolivar Herald-Free Press.

How can it be that a year has already passed! How can it be that we didn’t celebrate the 151st anniversary on the 50-degree morning of Thursday, June 14, to make up for the oppressing heat of the previous June 8.

This time last year we also were locking in the hiring of my replacement as publisher of the paper, even though that eventuality was not part of the July announcement of him coming aboard as associate publisher.

A year later, I weigh about the same, my hair is mostly the same color and similar quantity, and my skin is more tanned, but I spend my days a lot differently than when I knew the date of my pending retirement but the announcement still seemed years away rather than weeks.

I miss the people, I miss the place. And I miss the paycheck. But I don’t miss the decision-making. At least that kind of decision-making. My toughest decisions now run along the lines of which pass by the waitress do I switch from regular to decaf and whose game takes watch precedence on a given day.

Life is good. Even when the golf isn’t.

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