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As our feet find themselves firmly standing in the month of July, we come face to face with what seems like an unbelievable reality — 2019 is more than halfway over.

It seems but a breath ago we were welcoming the new year, giving name to our hopes and dreams for the long 12-month that lay in front of us.

But here we are, with just 25 of 52 weeks  — or in terms of the BH-FP, 49 of 104 issues — still ahead of us. 

While the year so far has undoubtedly been full — and we’ve had the headlines to prove it — what more will 2019 hold?

And what better time than now to ask ourselves an important question: What more do we, as individuals and as a community, want it to bring?

• • •

For the BH-FP, the first half of 2019 meant big newspaper news.

In February, the Friday edition moved to Saturday, bringing with it later-breaking news, enhanced sports coverage and new features, including the paper’s Picturing Polk County monthly photo contest.

The first six months also saw new faces, including two new reporters, welcomed to the BH-FP.

Now, as the second half of the year gets into full swing, we are unveiling our newest addition.

In today’s issue, you will find our new — completely reimagined and rebuilt — church directory. 

Comprising two color pages, it can be found on Pages 14-15A. The directory features more than 100 Polk County churches. 

It replaces the church listings previously found in the Saturday edition. Also moved from Saturday is the BH-FP’s faith and family page.

Taking their places beginning Saturday, July 13, will be agriculture, outdoors and milestones content. These three sections were previously found in Wednesday editions. 

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