A new restaurant that’s been on Bolivar’s radar the past few years officially opened its doors Tuesday, Nov. 12. 

In the wake of Basil & Bourbon’s opening, after years of planning and months of construction, the BH-FP sat with owner Kayla Rippee during the bistro’s soft opening Saturday, Nov. 9.

“I haven’t thought too much, really, about it,” Rippee said, speaking on how she felt about the restaurant’s upcoming Tuesday launch. “Relieved, maybe?”

It’s been a busy time for the restaurant's crew, with Rippee describing “a few late nights” during the past week of serving practice runs with the Springfield Manufacturing Corporation, local supporters and the staff’s friends and family to get a feel for the “swing of things.”

The majority of the restaurant is completed, she said. Only a few “trim ups” and a wall need to be finished. 

According to previous BH-FP coverage, Rippee purchased the restaurant’s downtown space in October 2017. 

Rippee noted the restaurant was set to open in mid October this year, but there were a few recent hiccups, such as the restaurant’s outside pipes “that had a few tree roots that have grown up in them,” she said.

But onward from Tuesday, the restaurant will offer fresh, bistro-styled items off its menu. 

The menu Rippee provided offers green dishes, such as “apple walnut salad,” and “horse salad,” bowls, including “maple cream sweet potato soup,” and “creamy wild rice chicken soup,” and plates, with “dad’s meatloaf,” “Blue Silo pot roast” and “milk street caramelized citrus sage pork.”

Instead of buying food and ingredients from delivery trucks, Rippee said the restaurant sources food from local farmers.

While trying to keep their prices low and competitive, Rippee says the restaurant pays “a little more for protein” to ensure quality.

“We have some amazing farmers that we are working with,” she said, citing Dadeville’s South 40 red wattle pig farm and Springfield’s Blue Silo beef farm.

The restaurant also offers alcoholic drinks.

“I hope they enjoy us,” Rippee said, looking ahead to Tuesday’s opening.

With the excitement, though, she added there’s some concern, too. 

Rippee said new businesses are often swamped during the opening phase when “we’re trying to get our legs on,” but she said the staff is still excited. 

She hopes the first week of business will run smoothly. 

In the near future, Rippee would like the restaurant to offer banquet-style Christmas parties and a full selection of to-go items.

Basil & Bourbon is at 113 S. Main Ave. For more information, visit basil-bourbon.com and the restaurant’s Facebook page. Limited to-go items can be ordered by calling 326-8047.

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Great news! Best of luck to you!

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