Fifteen Bolivar High School students are one step closer to gaining hands-on experience after signing on the dotted line last month. 

Thirteen businesses partnered with BoMO Works to employ the students, coordinator Betty Glasgow said in a press release. 

Bolivar High School began creating an apprenticeship program around a year ago and a focus group was formed to work out the logistics and find businesses willing to participate. 

In a previous Bolivar Herald-Free Press article, Glasgow said the student positions will be several weeks long and concurrent with a high school course.

“Student apprentices will begin their journey of apprenticeship in the fall after an orientation ‘bootcamp’ to prepare them for expectations of the workplace,” she said in the press release.  

The program hopes to educate and prepare students for the workplace, while also lessening the workforce deficit. 

“There’s a workforce shortage in Polk County. Most employers are willing to work (with students),” Glasgow previously told the BH-FP.

Students were welcomed into the program by Will Wheeler, representing Roy Blunt’s office, Jeremy Pruett, representing Billy Long’s office, Neil Perry, Director of Apprenticeship from the Department of Labor, Tracy Laughtery of the Department of Labor, and Oscar Carter of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and Youth Apprenticeships. The students were also greeted by Bolivar Mayor Chris Warwick. 

For more information about BoMO Works Apprenticeships, contact Betty Glasgow, BoMO Works Coordinator at or at 326-5228 ext. 5307.

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