Area residents once again have an opportunity to help make Christmas a reality for the residents of Good Samaritan Boys Ranch. 

For the 11th year, the Bolivar Herald-Free Press has partnered with GSBR to sponsor Christmas for boys at the ranch. 

Each ranch resident compiles a Christmas wish list of gifts they hope to receive, detailing wants from stereos to fishing poles and lava lamps to Denver Broncos jerseys. 

Call the BH-FP at 326-7636 with the name and number of the child to sponsor. Please call before purchasing a gift to ensure there are no duplicates. 

After the gifts are purchased, they can be dropped off — unwrapped — at the BH-FP office at 335 S. Springfield Ave. by Wednesday, Dec. 18.

Everyone who makes a donation will be recognized in the BH-FP.

Boys waiting to receive gifts are listed below, along with their clothing sizes, shoe sizes and wish lists. For more information on boys’ interests or hobbies, or to sponsor a child, call the BH-FP at 326-7636. This is is current as of Tuesday, Dec. 3. 

26. Bobby G. 17, 36x32 pants, large shirt, size 12 shoes, portable stereo, portable stereo, Nike shoes.

71. Kaleb H. 16, 34x30 pants, large shirt, size 10 shoes, cross necklace, Chicago Bulls flat bill hat, Nike hoodie.

72. Richard H. 16, 34x30 pants, large shirt, size 11 shoes, Nerf Rival guns, portable DVD player, Magic: The Gathering cards.

73. Jestin K. 17, 30x32 pants, XL shirt, size 10.5 shoes, telescope, lava lamp, bluetooth speaker.

74. Ray S. 19, 32x30 pants, large shirt, size 9 shoes, chain necklace, bluetooth radio, analog watch.

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