Democrats host AG candidate

The Polk County Democrats met Thursday, June 20. The speaker was Elad Gross, former Missouri Assistant Attorney General and presently a candidate for attorney general in the 2020 election. 

Gross discussed why he is running for the office, as well as several current issues in the state.

The next meeting of the Polk County Democrats will be Monday, July 15, at Springfield Avenue Cafe in Bolivar. Dinner will begin at 5:30 p.m., and the meeting will kick off at 6:30.

The scheduled speaker is Crystal Quade, Missouri representative for the 132nd District and House minority floor leader for the 100th General Assembly.

The public is invited to attend. 

Elad Gross dem

Missouri Attorney General candidate Elad Gross speaks at the June 20 Polk County Democrats meeting.

Hooper publishes book

A book penned by Bolivar’s William L. Hooper, Ph.D., will soon hit the shelves.

Dr. William Hooper


Hooper announced earlier this month his work, “Congregational Song in the Worship of the Church: Examining the Roots of American Traditions,” will be published by Wipf and Stock Publishers.

“This book is a study of how congregational song developed and has been used in the worship of Western churches in general and in the U.S. specifically,” Hooper said. 

Beginning with the worship of ancient peoples — the Hebrews and early Christians — and continuing to the present, his work examines historically “how song has been and is used as an intentional sacred ritual action, like prayer or scripture reading,” he said. 

The book was written primarily as an introductory text for college and seminary students. Its “overall goal is to make a historical journey with the people, events and ideas from which have evolved the various types of song we have in American worship today,” he said.  

To help readers think more deeply about the material, study questions are provided at the end of each chapter.

Hooper is a professor of music emeritus at Southwest Baptist University and the former senior adult pastor at First Baptist Church of Bolivar.

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