Families and students of all ages swarmed to Bolivar High School on Saturday, Oct. 12, for a fall festival that raised lots of spirits and lots of funds for a charitable cause.

The fall festival saw an array of attractions throughout BHS, including game booths, live music, a bounce house, a tour of a helicopter, live animal handlers, a basketball shoot-off and more. 

One goal of the festival was to raise money for Bolivar’s Care to Learn fund, which goes toward meeting health, hunger and hygiene needs to the students in need.

The goal was to raise $30,000 dollars. 

The festival’s other goal, organizers previously told the BH-FP, was to provide a fun event that would bring the community and the schools together.

“We had tons of community come out,” T.C. Wall, Bolivar R-1 assistant superintendent, said after the event ended. “Lots of fun. I think everybody had a good time. I know we certainly did. 

Jennifer Carr, who was part of the festival’s planning committee, said the festival accrued “almost 200 donations from local businesses. Hundreds of dollars in donations — hundreds of dollars per donation,” Carr said.

Carr said there were about “250 to 300 people just in volunteers.”

Wall wanted to thank “the entire community for stepping up.” 

“I’d say it’s a huge success,” she said.

Carr noted the last time Bolivar schools hosted a fall festival was around “20 years ago.”

However, a wait for another fall festival may not be as long as that.Many volunteers from this year’s festival want it to become an annual event. 

The district will reflect on what worked well and what they’d like to keep, and they’d love to do the event next year, Wall said.

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