It’s amazing what you learn in the hard times. Maybe it’s the desperation that opens your ears to the Father’s voice. Maybe it’s the seeking that causes your eyes to focus on His face. Or maybe it’s the pit you feel in your stomach that only His presence can fill. 

But, in those times I learn the most.

He knits things in you that you didn’t know you had. There are treasures hidden away in you that can only be unearthed in the struggle. Character to improve upon. Strengths that had been buried by things you thought were more important.

Have you ever felt like you’re in a pit? I have. Picture trying to climb and claw your way out. Maybe you make head way but then you slip and slide back down. Frustration, sadness, bitterness and anger begin to grow and you might think —what if I just stayed here?

But what if you were in a literal pit? Would you just resign yourself to stay there? Wouldn’t you want to get out for my family and friends? In reality, most of us would fight, and slip — we would lose ground, but we would gain knowledge! 

Each time we don’t make it out we learn more about what works. Maybe I should use my legs, maybe I should use my flashlight so I can see more clearly, or maybe there’s a rope I passed over. We learn more about who we are and who God is. He gives us tools — His Word, wise friends, strength of character — are we using them to get out? 

Sometimes, we need to slow down and take a breath to regroup and see more clearly, and sometimes we need to fight and get down to business. We may need to ask for help from a friend or simply relax and let our Heavenly Father lift us out.

After every “pit” experience, every struggle or every heartbreak, hopefully we have a better understanding and appreciation of God’s faithfulness and gain confidence that He never leaves our side. Whatever you lost in footing, what did you gain in knowledge? 

In every struggle, our prayer should be to learn the lesson God is trying to teach us. If we’re going to go through hard things, let it mold us into better people, give us more compassion, give us another platform with which to relate to others. 

We never know when someone else is in a “pit.” So, be kind, be aware and assertive, speak love and light, deliver encouragement, have patience when time is moving slowly, know the art of downplaying and the right amount of levity when the gravity of life weighs too heavy, be strong when it would be easier to fall apart and may we all have a safe place to land. 

Remember God is a rescuer, He is faithful, and He’ll do it again.

Kelly Mauck is a member of The Heights Church.

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Ruth T

Thank you, Kelly, for these words of encouragement in difficult situations. [smile]

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