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As positive cases continue to trickle in, the Polk County Health Center recently confirmed its 14th and 15th positive cases of COVID-19 in Polk County. 

The center announced its 14th patient, a Polk County resident who is at home in isolation, over the weekend with a Saturday, June 27, news release. 

As of Saturday, exposure for this case had not yet been determined by the Polk County Health Center epidemiology team, the release said. Health center administrator Michelle Morris told the BH-FP the investigation was ongoing as of Monday, June 29.  

“This patient was feeling symptoms and contacted their primary care physician for medical testing,” the release said.   

Per the release, there are no public exposures identified with this case and all contacts have been notified.

“We were very fortunate that this individual remained in quarantine until results were determined,” Morris said in the release. “We commend this person for embracing personal responsibility to limit exposure in our community.”

The center confirmed the county’s 15th positive case, resulting from exposure to a work-related positive outside of Polk County, on Tuesday morning, June 30. A news release said this person is also home in isolation. 

The release said the work facility is not located in Polk County. 

“All those who may have come into contact with the individual while infectious have been contacted and will be monitored for fever and respiratory symptoms by the Polk County Health Center epidemiology team,” the release said.

There is one public exposure tied to the 15th case, the release said. 

On Saturday, June 27, the person, who was not symptomatic and not masked at the time, visited Bolivar’s Walmart between 8 a.m. and noon. 

“Anyone who was at the above locations at the time of potential exposure is at low risk for contracting COVID-19 but should monitor for symptoms,” the release said. “There is no need to self-quarantine or isolate unless symptoms develop.”  

As of press time Tuesday, the center reported 1,236 people had been tested for COVID-19 by Citizens Memorial Hospital with 1,111 negative results and 125 results pending. 

Of the county’s 15 positive cases, 11 had recovered and four remained active, the center said. Twenty-four residents were in quarantine.  

As the county continues to reopen, it’s even more important for everyone to interact with the environment carefully, the release said. 

The health center encourages people to remember three steps to staying healthy: 

  • Wash hands.

  • Practice social distancing. 

  • Stay home if sick.  

If people believe they have symptoms of COVID-19, they should contact their primary care physicians via phone or virtual visit for treatment recommendations, the release said.  

Citizens Memorial Hospital is offering drive-thru testing for COVID-19 with a CMH doctor’s order. Patients with COVID-19 symptoms should complete a CMH virtual visit or call a CMH clinic for screening to obtain the order, the release said. More information is available at citizensmemorial.com.

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The people at the Polk County Health Center are supposed to be medical professionals, not politicians. So when they "remind" people of 3 steps to stay safe, why are they omitting WEARING A MASK? The CDC recommends mask use, particularly now when infections are rising. It is a simple and easy way to protect your neighbors from infection. Studies are being published every day demonstrating that widespread mask use reduces community infection rates and can facilitate "opening." This is a no-brainer. Shame on the health center for withholding important pubic health advice. Presumably it has done so because it believes the advice would be unpopular. If so, that's a dereliction of duty by people who are supposed to be scientists.

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