County tax base grows again

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With the beginning of a new year, Polk County can again mark the continual growth of its tax base, according to 2019 figures from the Polk County Collector’s Office. 

The county’s 2019 expected tax collections total is $17,938,296.99, up from $16,639,443 the year before. 

The figure was $15,972,613 in 2017 and $15,173,779 in 2015, according to previous coverage. 

The sums represent the county’s railroad and electrical cooperative tax collections, along with real estate and personal property, which have also grown over time, figures show. 

Polk County’s 2019 real estate and personal property taxes total $15,947,898.96 in 2019, collector Debbi Roberts-McGinnis said. 

Comparatively, its personal property and real estate collections in 2018 totaled $14,974,906, Roberts-McGinnis calculated. 

As of Friday, Jan. 10, the county had received $14,672,252.67, or 92%, of its expected 2019 taxes, she said. 

The county’s also seen a corresponding growth in its assessed value of all taxable property, which totaled $349,146,272 in 2019.

That figure came in at $320,230,751 for 2018, Roberts-McGinnis said.

In 2017, she said, the assessed value of all taxable property was $308,833,315.

Previous BH-FP coverage indicates that amount totaled $300,247,747 in 2016 and $295,213,131 in 2015.

Splitting up the sum

Of the county’s $17.9 million due, the lion’s share is slated for local school districts, which receive $12,284,508.86. The total is up from $12,223,049 in 2018, according to previous reporting.

Polk County itself receives $1,084,393.79, up about $44,000 from the year before. 

County fire districts receive $492,134, about $37,000 more than the year before. 

Payments for personal property and real estate taxes, which were due Dec. 31, can be made in person at the collector’s office in the Polk County Courthouse during regular business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Taxes can also be paid online or by mail.

Payments made by credit and debit cards will be subject to a 2.4-percent fee, except for payments made by a Visa debit card, which will incur a $3.95 flat fee, Roberts-McGinnis previously told the BH-FP.

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