Power line fire

A downed power line creates smoke and ignites a small fire in the grass along North Main Avenue Wednesday, July 10, as a Bolivar police officer reroutes southbound traffic down East Forest Street. 

A downed power line in front of a home on North Main Avenue near Vivian Street burned grass and sent smoke into the air, resulting in a detour for drivers north of the Bolivar square at around noon Wednesday, July 10.

Bolivar City Fire Department Lt. Cole Pirkle said firefighters secured the scene to prevent pedestrians from walking too closely to the sparking line, while Bolivar police officers blocked traffic and directed drivers to an alternate route. 

Deputy Chief Brent Watkins said he hadn’t heard what brought the line down but that wind could have been the culprit. 

Downed live power lines put out a dangerous electrical current, and also present other dangers, Pirkle said. 

“Another line could fall and hit a person or car,” he said. “There are the drivers who want to get it on video and slow down to do so, which can cause a wreck.”

Pirkle said Liberty Utility technicians arrived in the area and disconnected power to the line and made repairs. 

“It was their show from then on,” he said. “BPD and BCFD cleared scene.”

 The flames from the sparking line didn’t cause serious damage on the ground and went out once the power was cut, he said. 

Passersby who come across downed lines should call 911, give the dispatcher the closest address and stay clear, he said. 

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