Those who disagree with the assessed value of their property will have a chance to argue their case later this month, when the equalization board convenes to hear from property owners who received notice their values have increased.

The county assessor’s office sent out impact notices in early June and county property owners with a value increase of $200 assessed value will receive a notice, Assessor Rita Lemmon previously told the BH-FP via email. 

Lemmon said reasons for an increase “include, but are not limited to, homesite land value increases, new construction and changes found in our parcel by parcel review.”  

Agriculture land “actually went down in value” this year, Lemmon said.

“By state statute, we are to be within 10 percent of fair market value,” she added.

She said property owners who believe their property is overvalued should contact the assessor’s office at 326-4346 as soon as possible.  

Lemmon’s office will be setting appointments to review data during June. 

The next step in the property tax process is a review of assessments by the county board of equalization, followed by setting of levies by the political subdivisions, according to a news release from County Clerk Melinda Robertson. 

The board will meet starting at 10 a.m. Monday, July 15, at the office of the Polk County Commission and plans to conclude hearings by 3 p.m. Friday, July 19.  Those who wish to appeal their assessments must make an appointment with the board through the county clerk’s office at 326-4031 and present forms available at the office.  

Cut-off date for scheduling an appointment with the board is Monday, July 8.  Appeal forms must be turned into the county clerk’s office by Wednesday, July 10.

Those who appear before the board should be prepared to present evidence to establish what they believe to be the correct value of their property, according to the release.

If, after a decision of the board, the property owner is still dissatisfied with the assessment, the appeal may be lodged with the state tax commission and thereafter to the circuit court.

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