Crews from Humansville Fire and Rescue roll up a hose on West Lee Street in Humansville after responding to a residential fire Friday, Oct. 4. 

A fast response by local fire departments to a house fire in Humansville stopped a kitchen blaze from spreading to the rest of the house last week.

According to Humansville Fire Department Chief John Hopkins, crews responded at around 3 p.m. Friday, Oct. 4, to a home on West Lee Street for a residential fire. 

“The cause seems to be the cookstove,” Hopkins said on the scene.

The homeowner left something on the stove and left the home. He then returned after he remembered the stove had been left on, Hopkins said. 

The homeowner called 9-1-1 to report the fire, he said. There were no injuries. 

Hopkins said “the area around the cookstove seems to be the only part that’s damaged the cabinets, some of the ceiling.” 

“They’ve got smoke damage in there, but it’s very minor,” he said. “They kind of got lucky.”

The fire is not under further investigation, he said. 

Mutual aid was provided by Humansville Fire and Rescue and Dunnegan Rural Fire Department, Hopkins said. They were on the scene for about an hour, with three responders from Humansville and two from Dunnegan. 

He noted Central Polk County Fire Protection District was called to respond, but the call was canceled.

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