Wednesday’s edition of the Herald-Free Press was loaded with content that could and probably did touch a lot of nerves and a full range of human emotions.

In other words, it reflects another week in the real life of our community, coming with more than we would hope to be our share of the horrible (any would be more than we would hope for), but also a darn good dose of the moving and shaking that exemplifies a community alive and on the move.

I enjoyed the focus on the board of aldermen, the back-to-school extravaganza, the opportunity to see a photo of a storied football coach seated behind an administrator’s desk and wearing a tie, and a score card for the musical chairs in play with local businesses.

I am saddened by the familiar faces among the obituaries and I am glad to feel no need to look for my own name among them or the court records.

It’s good that people get more familiar with the decision makers at city hall, as they are certain to be dealing with decisions that shine light on how important the work is and how difficult it can be at times. The same will be true with features to come in that series.

I absolutely love the remodel of Jenny’s Dry Cleaning. It’s great when people can see what’s been hiding behind some of the mid-life design mistakes of the past and bring the original good back to the forefront. It almost makes me want to start wearing my pre-retirement shirts so I could resume coming and going from there each week, enabling me to tell Jenny each time how much I love the renewed look.

I love the opportunity to be reminded of an insignificant detail not within the story about the latest addition to the First Baptist Church property list. 

Quite appropriately, Ralph Gordon’s initial ownership of that property as proprietor of Bolivar Bowl was chronicled. But it triggers other memories for those who patronized Wilburn and Winnie Ball as his successors in that business and the Bowl-arama next door. 

Only I should — and probably only I do — recall my three years of ownership of the bowling alley within my growing-up process in Bolivar business. What an education, while still working full-time as editor, reporter, photographer and delivery boy for the newspaper.

Seeing the move of Village Boutique reminds me to get off my duff and get some merchandise together for Sheila to consider selling for me. And it makes me as curious and anxious as can be to see and form opinions about the county’s future plans for her previous location on the square.

And then there is all of the curiosity with repurposed lives for a law office, two former bank buildings, and the variety store/dime store/more that has long been a mid-block anchor on the west side of the square.

And that’s a short list of all that was detailed in that coverage.

Finally, kudos to the publisher for doing what’s right about something that went wrong, keeping the same promise I made to myself and many others along the way should I ever be in the same or similar situation. 

Dave Berry is the former BH-FP editor and publisher and now carries the fancy has-been label of “emeritus.” Please direct any complaints or other direct communication with him to As always, the people who actually work here deserve to not be bothered by any of his weekly and weakly distractions or disruptions.

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