SOUTHWEST BAPTIST UNIVERSITY recently released its fall graduate and honor roll lists.

Area students who graduated from SBU in May are:

• Aldrich — Laura Scurtu, Associate of Science in Nursing.

• Bolivar — Jacob Allee, Bachelor of Science, Summa Cum Laude; Alexandria Allen, Bachelor of Science; Denae Ausbury, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Amy Becker, Master of Science; Austin Bryant, Bachelor of Music, Magna Cum Laude; Matt Bushey, Doctorate in Education; Phillip Carroll, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Ashley Caviness, Master of Science; Joshua Caviness, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Stacy Davis, Bachelor of Science, Summa Cum Laude; Stephanie Davis, Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude; Audri Detlor, Bachelor of Social Work; Terri Dye, Bachelor of Science, Magna Cum Laude; Tammy Erwin, Doctorate in Education; Heather Finnell, Master of Business Administration; Miranda Fox, Master of Science; Meleah Francka, Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude; Breanne Freeman, Bachelor of Science, Summa Cum Laude; Drew Geurin, Bachelor of Science; Bailey Gilbertson, Bachelor of Science, Magna Cum Laude; Karla Goughnour, Master of Business Administration; Samuel Hall, Bachelor of Science; Cory Hanger, Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude; Kyle Hawkins, Bachelor of Science, Summa Cum Laude; Kyndle Katzer, Bachelor of Science, Magna Cum Laude; Sierra Kemp, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Josiah Lentz, Bachelor of Science, Magna Cum Laude; Austin Masters, Bachelor of Science; Devon Mizera, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Tori O'Brien, Master of Science in Nursing; Sylvia Ofori-Yeboah, Bachelor of Social Work, Summa Cum Laude; John Olomon-Howell, Bachelor of Arts; Kandace Phipps, Associate of Science in Nursing; Peyton Pollock, Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude; Josie Rutledge, Bachelor of Science, Summa Cum Laude; Julian Shade, Bachelor of Science; Amanda Skinkle, Master of Science; RayShionne Smith, Bachelor of Science; Phillip Sneed, Bachelor of Science; Adam Stallcup, Bachelor of Science; Addison Stewart, Bachelor of Social Work; Jessica Stroud, Associate of Science in Nursing; Leann Struckman, Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude; Stephen Swan, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Monica White, Bachelor of Arts, Summa Cum Laude; Clinton Wooderson, Doctorate in Education; Nicholle Harmon, Master of Business Administration; Savana Phillips, Bachelor of Science; Sarah Tarrant, Bachelor of Arts, Summa Cum Laude; Paige Swearengin, Bachelor of Science, Magna Cum Laude

• Brighton — Inna-Inessa Dron, Bachelor of Science.

• Fair Play — Marriah Watkins, Associate of Science in Nursing;  Elisabeth Whaley, Master of Business Administration. 

• Halfway — Steven Gallivan, Doctorate in Education.

• Pleasant Hope — Christina Davison, Associate of Science in Nursing.

Undergraduate students graduate with honors according to the following GPAs: summa cum laude, 3.85-4; magna cum laude, 3.7-3.849; and cum laude, 3.5-3.699. In order to graduate with honors, students must have earned a minimum of 45 semester hours of credit at SBU prior to the semester of graduation.

To be listed on the semester's honor roll, students must carry at least 12 hours of college work at Southwest Baptist University and earn at least a B (3.0 GPA), with no grade below C: Trustees’ List, 3.85-4.0; President's List, 3.70-3.84; Deans’ List, 3.50-3.69; and Honor's List, 3.0-3.4.

Those students earning a spot on the various honor rolls are: 

• Aldrich — Lauren Long, Honor's List.

Bolivar — Jacob Allee, President's List; Alexandria Allen, Trustees' List; Jessica Bailes, Trustees' List; Allison Baker, Deans' List; Guy Batton, Deans' List; Mikayla Becker, Deans' List; Alyssa Bethards, Honor's List; Jackson Brown, Honor's List; Austin Bryant, Trustees' List; Cameron Carr, Deans' List; Ethan Clawson, Honor's List; Memphis Coble, Honor's List; Stephen Collins, Honor's List; Elise Darrell, Honor's List; Stacy Davis, Trustees' List; Stephanie Davis, President's List; Aleena DeRossett, Honor's List; Audri Detlor, Deans' List; Tyler Dickenson, Trustees' List; Caitlin Diepenbrock, Trustees' List; Terri Dye, Trustees' List; Caleb Evans, Trustee’s List; Meleah Francka,  Honor's List; Breanne Freeman, Trustees' List; Drew Geurin, Deans' List; James Geurin, Honor's List; Allison Green, Deans' List; Jessica Griffis, Honor's List; Savannah Hague, Honor's List; Samuel Hall, Honor's List; Ashlee Hancock, Trustees' List; Cory Hanger, Trustees' List; Morgan Hardin, Trustees' List; Melissa Harris, Deans' List; Kyle Hawkins, Trustees' List; Morgin Hensley, President's List; Margaret Hopwood, Trustees' List; Laura Ionita, President's List; Livia Ionita, President's List; Jemimah Jatau, Honor's List; Quincy Jones, Honor's List; Samuel Jones, Trustees' List; Taylor Jones-Morgan, Honor's List; Kyndle Katzer, President's List; Benjamin Keathley, Deans' List; Corynn Knight, Trustees' List; Josiah Lentz, Trustees' List; Joshua Lewis, Honor's List; Hayden Lewright, Trustees' List; Samuel Lewright, Honor's List; Trevor Lofstrom, Honor's List; Marissa Mangner, Deans' List; Baylee Marshall, Honor's List; Austin Masters, Honor's List; Michael McNeal, Honor's List; Audrey Meadows, Honor's List; Sheena Nichol, Honor's List; Mitchell Northern, Trustees' List; Brennan Noyes, Trustees' List; Marie Noyes, Deans' List; Justin Palmer, Trustees' List; Savana Phillips, Honor's List; Kandace Phipps, President's List; Peyton Pollock, Trustees' List; Lauren Purcell, Honor's List; Brooke Reynolds, Trustees' List; Annie Roberts, Trustees' List; Mackenzie Roberts, Honor's List; Josie Rutledge, Trustees' List; Teptaikorn Saejang, President's List; RayShionne Smith, Honor's List; Phillip Sneed, Honor's List; Adam Stallcup, Deans' List; Addison Stewart, Deans' List; Jessica Struckman, Honor's List; Leann Struckman, Trustees' List; Paige Swearengin, Trustees' List; Brittany Tarrant, Trustees' List; Sarah Tarrant, Trustees' List; Holly Thomas, Deans' List; Christian Trout, President's List; William VanHoornbeek, Honor's List; Lora Beth Walker, Trustees' List; Joel Walley, Deans' List; Mikaya Wallis, Deans' List; Patrick Weber, Honor's List; Justice Westmoreland, President's List; Monica White, Trustees' List; Anna Williams, President's List; Stephen Winder, Honor's List; Valerie Yates, Trustees' List; Rebecca Yohn, Honor's List.

• Brighton Inna-Inessa Dron, Honor's List; Landon Fisher, President's List; Joy Hudgins, Honor's List.

• Dunnegan — Eian Coble, Honor's List; Laura Tuesburg, Deans' List.

Fair Play — Eliott Johnson, Honor's List; Chloe McCool, Honor's List; Ashley Teague, Honor's List; Marriah Watkins, Honor's List.

• Flemington — Ashley Horton, President's List.

• Halfway — Ashley Coursey, President's List; Jordan Hillenburg, Trustees' List; Marrah Delmont, Trustees' List; Amanda Foster, Honor's List.

• Humansville — Jacob Hake, Deans' List; Hunter Swearingin, Honor's List.

• Morrisville — Carlie Gregory Crain, Honor's List; Mikayla Kuder, Honor's List; Abigail Painter, Honor's List; 

• Pleasant Hope — Mathew Deatherage, Deans' List; Adlai Rehm, President's List; Patrick Wilson, Trustees' List.

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