There’s not a lot of us out there.

Quadruplets are a rare breed. My brothers Seth, Kyle, Ryan and I certainly beat the odds. And not only were we naturally conceived, but we all turned out healthy — and I’m not going to lie, we turned out pretty good-looking. 

Through the years, as my brothers and I ventured out in public together, the faces of strangers lit up like Christmas trees when they realized the four of us were indeed born at the same time.

But we’ve never really understood why this shocks people.

Even just a few years ago, producers from MTV contacted Seth on social media. They ended up video-chatting all three of my brothers about starring in a potential reality TV show.

Sadly, the MTV show didn’t happen. But that’s probably a good thing. 

I’ll always be the first to note that being a quadruplet isn’t that big of a deal. But then again, I’ve never met another quadruplet.

Until recently, that is. 

Last month, I was privileged to ride along with Bolivar’s own superwoman, Georgia Payne, to Joplin. 

As a World War II prisoner of war, Georgia traveled to Joplin to meet Junior Nipps, one of the U.S. soldiers who liberated her from an internment camp in the Philippines. 

During the meeting, as Junior told Georgia how many siblings he had, she made a joke to him about having nearly as many siblings as me. 

“She’s a quadruplet,” said somebody who had rode with us, giving context to Junior’s crew. 

One of the women who traveled to Joplin with Junior — a 23-year-old Miss Tulsa beauty pageant queen — looked at me from across the room with widened eyes.

“I’m a quadruplet, too!” she exclaimed.

That was probably one of the most surreal moments I’ve ever experienced. She and I stared at each other, repeating that we were quadruplets, as the room joined in on a collective “Okay, what the heck?” moment.

Later on, we both realized we had never met another quad before. Not only that, but we were both the lone girls in our packs. 

We did have our differences, though. While my musical prowess only extends to playing “Hot Cross Buns” on the clarinet, she ended up belting out opera songs to Junior and Georgia with a professionally trained voice. 

As her vibrato trembled in my ears, I sat back and tried to think of any other job that would have led me to meet another quadruplet in such a random place. 

I’m still not sure, but I really enjoy this one.

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