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Property sale aids scholarship fund, charity

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The sale of two tracts of land between Bolivar and Humansville for nearly $50,000 will help with scholarships for students from Bolivar and Fair Play and support a local charitable fund.

According to records from the Polk County Recorder’s Office, the parcels, owned by Bolivar Educational Advancement Foundation, the Citizens Memorial Health Care Foundation and the Carson Scholarship Fund, were transferred last month. 

Trustee Kerry Douglas told the BH-FP via email the three entities received the land, which sits on either side of Mo. 13 just northwest of Cliquot, as part of a trust. 

“CMHCF received a half interest, and the other two entities received a quarter interest each,” he said. “The BEAF share was for the benefit of the Carson Scholarship Fund for the benefit of Bolivar High School grads, and the Carson M Scholarship Trust provides scholarships to graduates of Fair Play High School. The CMHCF share was for the general charitable activities of the foundation.”

However, Douglas said, trustees had been unable to find a buyer. 

“(We) therefore offered the properties at the Diamond S Multiparcel Auction held in this fall,” he said. “Both parcels sold, and the transaction showing in the newspaper is the closing of one of those two parcels.”

While Polk County Recorder Carol Poindexter said the actual price the property sold for isn’t listed on the deed, Douglas told the BH-FP the properties sold for around $46,000. The smaller tract sold for $18,000, while the larger sold for $28,000, he said. 

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