Bolivar R-1 board members heard updates on a series of construction projects from Superintendent Tony Berry at the board’s Tuesday, June 18, meeting.

Plans for the district’s early childhood learning center, just east of Bolivar Primary School, were disrupted when vertical wellfields were found over the planned site, Berry said.

“That can’t happen,” Berry said, “so we had to move it 50 feet to the north. The trees are still going to be safe. The playgrounds are actually going to be expanded because of that, but it does cause us to have some redirection of the road, so it does change the design of the road.” 

One change includes improvements to East Division Street near the primary school, which will be widened, he said. 

Berry said catching the wellfield issue did cost time.

“That is getting very tedious,” he said. “The architects are putting a lot of work into it. They are catching some things. I’m very glad they are catching some things, but they’re causing us to back up a little bit. We’re still meeting all of our timelines.”

Plans for a practice track at the high school await confirmation of maximum prices for the district's other two bond projects — the learning center and a middle school expansion. Berry said the district has been told the prices will be finalized by the end of July. 

“The biggest thing we have to have happen is a guaranteed maximum price on our other two projects to make sure we have the funds to be able to do this,” he said of the track project.

The district has selected Fisher Tracks for the project, he said. The company has worked with the district before. 

Asphalt for the track has to be in place by mid-September or October, he said, in order for the track texture spray to dry on it. 

“Every time it rains, you’re not putting our project back, you’re putting the people that are 10 people in front of us back,” he said. “We don’t need a drought, but we could use some dry.”

Active shooter drill planned

The superintendent also gave board members an update on plans for an active shooter simulation drill at the primary school scheduled for July 24. Multiple agencies are involved, including the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and Citizens Memorial Hospital. Law enforcement officers will pursue an actor playing a school shooter, and first responders will help victims. 

“It’s going to be a real doggone looking deal,” Berry said, “so I want everybody to know that this is practice.”

Budget approved

The district also passed its 2019-20 budget. See an upcoming issue of the BH-FP for a breakdown of the financials. 

All board members were present at the meeting.

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