We began sharing information on social media regarding masking as far back as April 16th. We have shared four videos. Two showing the proper use of face coverings and two demonstrating the benefits of masking. 

We have shared information or referred to masking on eight of our daily updates and four additional informational posts regarding wearing masks in various settings and masks for the benefit of the hearing impaired.  

In addition to our social media information, we have included information in our press releases, including all of the releases since the end of June. There is also information concerning the proper use of face masks/coverings on our website. 

*Note: The CDC officially recommended using face masks on April 4, 2020.

Here is a list of the dates (social media information):

  • April 16 — Proper use of masking video provided by the Springfield-Greene County Health Department

  • April 20 — Graphic information from Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

  • April 21 — Proper use and storage of masks video provided by the Polk County Health Center

  • May 29 — Information on the daily update regarding masking while traveling

  • June 2 — Information on the daily update regarding using masks while breastfeeding

  • June 4 — Information on the daily update regarding wearing masks while shopping

  • June 10 — Information on the daily update regarding wearing masks to prevent asymptomatic transmission

  • June 16 — Graphic information “Remember 1-2-3” provided by the PCHC and CMH

  • June 19 — Benefits of masking video

  • June 26 — Information on using face masks while traveling

  • June 30 — Information on the daily update regarding wearing face masks

  • July 2 — Information shared regarding the clear masks to benefit the hearing impaired

  • July 5 — Demonstration of the effectiveness of masking to encourage their use

  • July 6 — Information on the daily update regarding wearing face coverings with glasses

  • July 7 — Information on the daily update regarding wearing face coverings with glasses 

The Polk County Health Center encourages residents to wear a face covering in public settings and when around people outside their household, especially when physical distancing is difficult to maintain. 

When community members choose to practice social distancing, proper hand hygiene and staying home when sick, we slow the spread of the coronavirus. Wearing a face covering is an additional tool in our tool belt, along with 1-2-3, to fight the virus. Even while wearing a face covering, residents should continue to practice social distancing, hand hygiene and staying home while sick. 

— Polk County Health Center

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I’m pleased you are now including masking in your public statements. CDC Director Redfield stated yesterday that if everyone would wear a mask, we could crush the virus in six weeks. Respectfully, your language (“additional tool,” “choose”) does not convey the urgency of the situation or the efficacy of this tool. Plainly speaking, everyone should be wearing a mask as Missouri’s numbers soar.

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