Don’t blink. Another year will have come and gone. Take a nap and a decade will have passed. That’s how it seems as the headlines roll out about sports achievements and other matters.

Brad Roweton is honored by the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame as yet another Bolivar Diamond 9 awardee, with 25 years as a high school coach now behind him. Can’t be more than 10 years ago we were watching him compete in multiple sports as a Liberator, back when he still had a lot of hair.

And the 2019 Liberator 4x800 relay foursome of Brett Pollock, Tracen McKinney, Hunter Davis and Dylan Rowell broke a 29-year-old record in a sectional meet to qualify for state and then broke their own record at state a week later.

Again, it seems like no more than a decade since we were watching McKinney’s dad, Larry, set that record in a foursome that included legendary distance runner DeWayne Miner. No small achievement.

And Blade Hancock breaks a 38-year-old 110 hurdle record of Richard Root. Seems like a decade ago his father, Prentice, was working in the Herald-Free Press mailroom and pressroom, hurdling bundles of papers.

Track and Field at BHS is experiencing glory days with many others having set personal bests and new school records. Again, don’t blink. It will be no time at all before those records will be falling and we’ll be amazed that 20 or more years will have passed since we experienced what we are now seeing.

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We noted here last week the passing of Regina Blum. I appreciate her grandson Jason Blum reaching out in thanks and to fill in some memory blanks.

Regina and husband Bob adopted him at the age of one and raised him, not only as a grandson, but a son. Today, he is a grateful man for the life he lives in Springfield, with a wife and academic achieving children of their own, compared to what it could have been had his grandparents not stepped up and rescued him from an environment of parental drug addiction.

Like so many of us regarding our own upbringing, he says it took awhile for him to appreciate the values they instilled in him.

Yes, far too many grandparents today are raising their grandkids for similar reasons, but it’s not such a new problem turned blessing.

Jason confirmed what I thought I recalled about Bob Blum Realty, but I had completely forgotten the couple’s ownership ventures with Esquire Theater and Northside Market.

Thanks, Jason, for reaching out regarding the woman you will always remember as a saint.

Dave Berry is the former BH-FP editor and publisher and now carries the fancy has-been label of “emeritus.” Please direct any complaints or other direct communication with him to As always, the people who actually work here deserve to not be bothered by any of his weekly and weakly distractions or disruptions.

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