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As has become the BH-FP’s tradition, we are taking a journey to Christmases past again this year as we prepare for our upcoming annual Christmas Greetings special section — which will insert in the Saturday, Dec. 21, edition. 

The section, complete with Christmas artwork and letters to Santa from area children, was first printed in 1973. This year, we journey back to 1989, 1999 and 2009 to see Christmas through the eyes of Polk County children throughout the decades. 

Below are a few letters as they originally appeared.


From 1989

Dear Santa,

I would like to have for Christmas model car, paint, and a paint book. On December 12, 1989 my mom had a a baby. It is a girl.

Your friend, Bobby Smith


Dier Santa,

Hi Dude How are you doing o.k. will a nafe of the smll take I was wriding if you code take my sistere a way if you if you can do it ill asck for sothing ells. Ha got to go dude.

ore Find, Brian Vines


Dear Santa,

Wats happen. Going good whith me. I wold like to merry a nise man when I grow up. Of course I woul dlike a rich one. Puls a babby. Say a girl whith brown hair. Bule eyes nice good and cut. I would like to live in a mansion whith a waterbed.

Love, Amber Sims


Dear Santa, 

I like everything you have done for me. I don’t know what to do. If there is anything I can do, let me know. I am lonely down here to. can you come down here sorry I got to go. good by.

your friend,

Monica Bears


From 1999

Dear Santa,

Is Rudolph’s nose working? I’m leving carots, cookies and mild four you and the reindeer. And I want a go cart and all of the hip hop tape not the ones you watch on T.V. the one wat you lisen. Oh a tape player and super nintendo with a basket ball game and will you buy something for my mom and dad.

Your friend, Craig

Pleasant Hope, 2nd Grade


I would like for you to bring me a horse. I love horses. I would like also a punching bag, and a puppy, and a guitar (real), and a nice baby tiger.

Thank you, Olivia Francka


I would like a lab top computer, blue 2000 millineuim Barbie, a glass cat. glass bell, glass cross, a house key. A big bed for my baby’s sister. But bring it to my house please.

Your friend, Carla Quick

Bolivar, 3rd Grade


I wood like to have a little puppy in a bascket. I wood like to have the littlest one or two puppys. I wood like to have some sevende’s pants to and a new per of shoos.

Your’s trooly, Kimberly

Pleasant Hope, 2nd Grade


Dear Santa,

I would like a tape or cd player and some wide leged jeans and some Old Navy shirts. I would like some Junie Jone books. I kindef want some Jewery.


Emily Tedrow, 3rd grade, Bolivar


From 2009

Dear Santa, 

I daydream/nightdream of a Hannah Montanna gatar/microphone. It says Hannah Montanna on it. I dream of them because I wold pretend I was Hannah Montana. Also I want to be a movie star.


Alexis Dawn Mincks


Dear Santa,

I want a baby goose. He’s yellow and I will name him Fuzzy beceus he is fuzzy. And once fuzzy grows up I’m going to let him free. And mabe I will see him in the sky? And I won’t tell the differenae.

Your friend, Justin


Dear Santa,

I want a scary cat to scare the mouse in my house. Mouse has been in ever since I was born.



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