Charlotte Marsch

Charlotte Marsch

The Bolivar Herald-Free Press has a great subscription offer going on right now. It’s a BOGO. Anyone who looks for great deals knows that BOGO means “buy one, get one free.” That’s right. Buy one subscription to the Bolivar Herald-Free Press and get one free.

You also know it is important to read the fine print when it comes to BOGO offers. In this case, the fine print says that one of the subscriptions has to be new. But that makes it perfect for gift-giving. Renew your own subscription and get a FREE subscription to give as a Christmas gift.

Joy Beamer, a customer service representative at the Buffalo Reflex, one of our sister publications, came up with this great idea of how to use the BOGO offer. If you don’t currently subscribe to the newspaper but have always wanted to, you can get a subscription for half price. That’s right! You can subscribe to the BH-FP for just $23 a year! Here’s how.

Find a friend, family member or co-worker whose subscription is close to expiration. Offer to pay for half of that person’s subscription — $23 — if he or she “gifts” a subscription to you.

So what are you waiting for? If you are a subscriber, go out and find someone who isn’t a subscriber who is willing to split the cost of renewing your subscription. If you’re not a subscriber, you can’t let cost be an excuse.

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We were driving home Saturday when my 5-year-old said, “Mom, it isn’t supposed to be fall in December.”

“It’s not fall,” I responded. “It’s cold outside like winter.”

“But there’s no snow,” she said.

Welcome to Missouri winter. More cold than snow.


Have you been N2Bolivar lately? is a new website that I invite you to check out.

Basically, it is a community digital bulletin board for Bolivar and surrounding communities.

What exactly is it? That’s for you to help us figure out. It’s a place where you can upload your photos and videos and start discussions. You can add events to the calendar. You can set up groups, which could be useful for clubs, non-profit organizations, anything.

It is free to join and free to participate.

So go to and join the community.

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