Social media is a sewer …  yes Facebook, I am looking at you. People make all sorts of wild allegations and pass along misinformation ad nauseam. Some days I seriously consider not participating.  I think the paper and our readers would be smarter for abstaining.

According to the sewer, your community newspaper is a leftist media outlet simply for reporting protesters at the Parson for Governor announcement Sunday.

I am not joking.

I thought it was our job to report what happened, but because we didn’t look the other way and chose what facts to report and what to whitewash all to better the image of the candidate’s event, we are now just like the rest of the liberal mainstream media. Ridiculous!

We even had one lady come in and claim that our reporter was a community disappointment.  Like or disagree with the coverage, but that was just mean.

I support Governor Parson. I will vote for Governor Parson. I haven’t polled the rest of the staff, but I predict a vast majority of them will, as well. I expect him to carry Polk County by 75-80%.  

Still … doesn’t matter, the wizards of smart who live on social media have deemed us uber-biased leftists, so it must be true.

Never mind I am a staunch conservative and NRA member. I would even go out on a limb and state that I may very well be the most conservative publisher in this newspaper’s history. 

And you know what that means to this paper’s content, outside the Opinion page?

Squat, babkas, zilch, nada.

My team of professional journalists reports what happens on most pages of the paper. The Opinion page is reserved for commentary and opinion. The rest should remain devoid of opinion, except for advertising messages.

The problem comes from everything being “political” in today’s culture. Once President Trump rightly pointed out the blatant hypocrisy of the mainstream (national and some state) media, the media as the enemy mantra has stuck and trickled down to community newspapers, as well.  That part I hate since, by in large, we bear no resemblance to our larger, biased step-cousins in the media.

My favorite part of this job is that we get to help people and organizations and shower recognition on and spotlight volunteers. We make celebrities of our young people and shine light on government, so the citizenry knows where their tax dollars are going.

Occasionally, national political tactics of the left filter down to Polk County, and we are going to report it.  

Had we not, I guarantee the same group would be complaining that we didn’t report the shameful behavior and that we were covering up for our progressive brethren. 

It is frustrating, but we are going to keep on plugging away, ignoring the irrational back-benchers and showing up strong for our beloved subscribers.

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