The following civil cases have been filed in Polk County Circuit Court:

Estate of George Earl Simmons, Bolivar, vs. Gloria F. McElmurry, Fair Play; unlawful detainer.

Kaleigh Marie Graver, Bolivar, vs. Ahlisha Dawn Webster, Tunas; personal injury - vehicular.

Steven Forrest Bucklinger, Warsaw, and Sandra Lucille Sandberg, Fulton, vs. Michael E. Young, Raytown; declaratory judgment.


The following people were assessed fines in the Bolivar Municipal Division of Circuit Court of Polk County, Judge Randolph Blosch presiding. Dollar amounts listed are for fines and court costs.

Court actions for March 5-9:

Dylan Michael Alspaugh, Bolivar; no insurance; $150.

Clarence Bays, Bolivar; amended defective equipment; $101.

David Paul Berry, Bolivar; speeding; $194.

Surinder Bindra, Tumsriver, N.J.; amended defective equipment; $184.

Michael Bowers, Halfway; possession of drug paraphernalia; $150; domestic assault; $171.

Aaron M. Brooks, Lawrence, Kan.; amended defective equipment; $180.

Stanley W. Bruce, Bolivar; failure to restrain animal; $50.

Rachel D. Butler, Bolivar; speeding; $180.

Amanda J. Cox, Bolivar; stealing; $200; trespassing; $71.

David Lee Dinwiddie, Bolivar; amended defective equipment; $180.

Eric L. Fiechter, Billings; domestic assault; $150.

Jon D. Franse, Flemington; amended defective equipment; $170.

Autumn Nicole Gladden, Hermitage; failure to register vehicle; $110.

Alicia Ann Gray, Bolivar; stealing; $200.

Mary Jane Hagan, Bolivar; peace disturbance; $100.

James R. Hejna, Bolivar; failure to register vehicle; $114.

Joan D. Higgins, Wheatland; failure to yield; $170.

Wayne Anthony Hobson, Bolivar; possession of drug paraphernalia; $150.

James R. Johnson, Bolivar; improper backing; $150.

Nicole M. Karaffa, Springfield; driving without valid license; $150; no insurance; $60; displaying plates of another; $40.

Katie Keathley, Bolivar; speeding; $184.

David Browning Kenton, Bolivar; domestic assault; $140; possession of marijuana; $110.

Terri Kirksey, Fair Play; prohibited parking; $15.

Cheress D. Lapham, Bolivar; amended peace disturbance; $100.

James B. Lee, Bolivar; stealing; $200; domestic assault; $30.

Philip W. Lingard Jr., Bolivar; domestic assault; $200.

Leonard Ray Lipe, Fair Play; peace disturbance; $100.

Erin Elaine McCracken, Springfield; driving while revoked/suspended; $170.

Bridget M. Milam, Bolivar; no insurance; $150.

Elizabeth A. Mozzini, Bolivar; failure to register vehicle; $70.

Eric Alexander Myers, Dunnegan; failure to register vehicle; $110.

Joseph James Novak, Buffalo; driving while revoked/suspended; $20; no insurance; $121.

James Fred Price, Bolivar; trespassing; $100; failure to register vehicle; $70.

Chelsea R. Ramon, Bolivar; amended peace disturbance; $100; possession of drug paraphernalia; $120.

Noah W. Ray, Bolivar; driving while revoked/suspended; $204; stealing; $171; trespassing; $104.

Mickel L. Roberts, Springfield; no insurance; $150.

Angelia K. Steele, Bolivar; failure to yield; $170.

Justin Kent Stone, El Dorado Springs; shoplifting; $200.

Leigh Alila Stracener, Lee’s Summit; amended defective equipment; $180.

Christopher D. Taylor, Bolivar; failure to register vehicle; $50.

Cory T. Taylor, Bolivar; driving while revoked/suspended; $200.

Damien M. Waits, Bolivar; failure to yield right of way; $170; no insurance; $121.

Wesley Dakoda Wamble, Willard; failure to register vehicle; $40.

Andrew Weist, Brighton; no insurance; $150.

Court actions for March 12-16:

Jeff Alexandre, Kansas City; speeding; $180.

William Alvin Ray Applegate, Bolivar; amended driving without valid license; $150.

James W. Bayer, Bolivar; tampering; $150.

Heath Damon Berry, Bolivar; failure to restrain animal; $75.

Lorina Jean Cain, Bolivar; amended peace disturbance; $154; following too closely; $50.

Angel Breanna Chapman; amended defective equipment; $154.

Randall Dwight Culbertson, Bolivar; two counts driving while revoked/suspended; $285; no insurance; $150.

Steven D. Dalton, Polk; misdemeanor violation of protection order; $104.

Aaron Lee Davenport, Diagonal, Iowa; speeding; $184.

Eshia M. DeSerriere, Bolivar; no insurance; $90.

Rick Justin Finnegan, Springfield; failure to register vehicle; $70; no insurance; $60.

Dakota M. Garner, Brookline; speeding; $150.

Anthony James Harris, Weaubleau; amended defective equipment; $154.

Daniel L. Harris, Bolivar; driving without valid license; $150.

Samantha L. Hudson, Bolivar; no insurance; $90.

John R. James, Bolivar; amended driving without valid license; $150.

Javiaun J. King, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; possession of marijuana; $200; possession of drug paraphernalia; $100.

Anthony Lee Kirchner, California; driving without valid license; $134.

Mathew Wayne McConnell, Springfield; speeding; $184; no insurance; $60.

Yonatan Nelson McHugh, Bolivar; failure to yield; $174; careless and imprudent driving; $80.

Joshua Michael Mincks, Bolivar; driving while revoked/suspended; $200; possession of drug paraphernalia; $100; displaying plates of another; $80.

Austin Dakota Moore, Bolivar; driving without valid license; $150.

Lance S. Mozzini, Bolivar; amended defective equipment; $100.

Ashley J. Peterson, Bolivar; failure to abate a nuisance; $50.

Donald Roethler, Indio, Calif.; amended driving without valid license; $150.

Taylor Sanders, Bolivar; speeding; $150.

The following people paid fines for overtime parking. The number of tickets, if more than one, is after the name:

One to five tickets, $2 per ticket: Abigail Duryee, Bolivar; Chelsea M. Jones, Bolivar (8); Elizabeth Kerr, Walnut Grove; Deborah K. Lutz, Bolivar; Jaylyne R. Nadler, no address given; Gary L. Pipkens, Louisburg; Heather C. Agee, Springfield; Kenneth R. Ashlock, Bolivar (2); Sara Carter, Little Rock, Ark.; Kevin G. Henderson, Bolivar (2); Susan Elane Robinson, Fair Play.

Six to 10 tickets, $5 per ticket: Chelsea M. Jones, Bolivar (2).

The following people failed to appear in court March 5-9 and were issued warrants:

Matthew Ahlers, Greeley, Iowa; Beckie L. Albitre, Bolivar (2); Gerald Eugene Bunch, Pleasant Hope (2); Todd J.T. Durkan, Springfield; Lonny R. Evans, Springfield (2); Anthony Wayne Glenk, Bolivar (5); Harlan L. Harrison II, Bolivar (3); William Chas Lang Jr., Bolivar; Whitney Lelei, Buffalo (3); Suzanne Lenhart, Springfield; Chesley R. Mincks, Bolivar; Kelan Ross Mitchell, Kansas City; Christina Marie Moore, Buffalo; Kerry R. Ross, Bolivar (4); Brandy V. Thomas, Bolivar; Michael Tooley, Bolivar; Anthony Valentino Toppin, Elkland (2)


The following people failed to appear in court March 12-16 and were issued warrants:

Kelton K. Barbee, Bolivar; Samuel Scot Frye Biggs, Buffalo; Victoria Branstetter, Polk; Jerry W. Courtois, Brighton (2); Justin Andrew Crumrine, Springfield; Blake Alexander Devoll, Bolivar (2); Sharon Genovese, Bolivar; Alyson Harper, Collins; Ricky Ken Herbert, Norwood; Randy L. King, Flemington (3); Joyce Carol Kirkham, Springfield (2); Skeeter Jake McKay, Springfield (2); David A. Mell, Orofino, Idaho; Jared J. Moore, Springfield (3); Cynthia Naylor, Aurora; Tommy Lee Proctor, Norway, S.C. (3); Trevett Rash, Bolivar; Caleb Reininger, Fair Play; Amber Shawhan, Blue Springs; Randall Wade Shillings, Bolivar; Maria D. Stillwell, Flemington; Lindsey L. Watkins, Humansville.


The Polk County Sheriff’s Dept. released the following reports for:

Sunday, March 18

• Jordan Mathiesen, 20, of St. Louis was arrested on a warrant for possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Tyler Mathieson, 22, of Lynn was arrested on a summons for driving while intoxicated.

• Katherine Harshman, 25, of Battlefield was arrested on a warrant for a seatbelt violation.

• Harlan Harrison, 36, of Bolivar was arrested on warrants for possession of drug paraphernalia and stealing.

• Jose Thankamani, 40, of Springfield was arrested on a warrant for speeding.

• Maria Stillwell, 35, of Bolivar was arrested on a warrant for a nuisance violation.

• A 24-year-old Bolivar man was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

• Property damage was reported on South Street, Flemington.

• Stealing was reported on Rt. AA, Halfway.

Monday, March 19

• Nicole Karaffa, 23, of Springfield was arrested on warrants for possession of marijuana and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Caitlin Ellis, 28, of Bolivar was arrested on a warrant for possession of controlled substance.

Tuesday, March 20

• Domestic assault was reported on Rt. KK, Bolivar.

• Burglary was reported on East 475th Road, Halfway.


Polk County Commissioners Shannon Hancock, Rex Austin and Kyle Legan conducted the following business during recent meetings of the commission:

Monday, March 12

• Met with Public Works Supervisor Danny Crites for an update on county road conditions. Crites and Commissioner Austin viewed South 190th, South 140th, East 470th and South 156th roads.

• Commissioner Hancock and Commissioner Legan met with former Polk County Surveyor John Nelson, David Vincent, Chris McKinney and Randy Culbertson to discuss South 42nd Road.

• Received the 2017 Financial Statement, 2018 Budget and 2018 CART Agreements from the Flemington Special Road District and forwarded the financial statement to the State Auditor’s Office.

• Received the February 2018 Collector’s Turnover from Collector Debbi McGinnis.

Tuesday, March 13

• Discussed an email received from Sheri Nave requesting a refund of taxes due to an assessment error on real estate property she thought was owned by her parents, Richard and Louine Nave. Commissioner Legan made a motion to refund Richard and Louine Nave $11.63 per 139.031(5) for the past three years of erroneous assessment/taxes on the said real estate property. Commissioner Austin seconded the motion. Vote was 3-0.

• Met with Public Works Supervisor Danny Crites for an update on county road conditions. Crites and Commissioners Hancock and Legan viewed South 42nd Road. Crites and Commissioner Austin viewed East 470th and South 132nd roads.

Friday, March 16

• Met with Public Works Supervisor Danny Crites for an update on county road conditions.

• Visited with Robert and Loretta Meredith regarding future operations at the Polk County Recycling Center.

• Visited with Dave Mallard, Aldrich, in general discussion.



The following transfers were recorded in the office of the Polk County recorder of deeds:

Wallace O. Russell, Lottie L. Russell, Susan Brashears, Patricia Breckenridge, Stephanie S. McIntyre and William A. Lear Jr. to Chad and Melanie R. MacLaughlin; lots 21-23 Lakewood Hills First Addition and part of lots 22-24, Lakewood Hills Final Addition.

Howard and Carolyn Riles to William and Jennifer Hungerford; lot 3, Peaceful Acres.

Betty J. Stepp to Lucas and Ericka Packer; part of lots 7-10, block 10, John I. Reed Addition, Bolivar.

Kathy Howe to John A. Gardner; part of block 3 and 4, R.L. Hayes Addition, Morrisville.

Lyndall D. and Brenda S. Davis to James E. and Marilyn J. Taylor; lot 5, block 6, Hidden Valley Subdivision Amended and part of W half of SWNW of sec. 8, twp. 35, rge. 22.

Mark R. and Leslie Skidmore to Jimmy and Sandy Duff; part of NW quarter of sec. 36, twp. 32, rge. 21.

Sharon and Robert Elmore to Ashley Winfrey and Dustin Pegelow; lots 8-10, block 1, Johnson’s Addition, Humansville.

Kip A. and Melissa L. Baker to Bradly A. Langenwalter; lot 6, Southwest Estates.

Patricia Thurston to Bryan Clint and Royleta Bell Harmon; W half of E half of NWNW, sec. 2, twp. 32, rge. 22.

Tiffany G. Hewes to Holden Hewes; part of NENE, sec. 7, twp. 35, rge. 23.

Benjamin W. and Clancey Keathley to Marcus Keathley; part of W half of SW quarter of sec. 6, twp. 32, rge. 24.

Kimberly E. Cooper, Kristopher J. Taylor, Charles R. Harp and Sandra Harp to Charles R. Harp; lot 6, Shady Dell Addition.

S & W Foreclosure Corp. and Sean A. and Sarah M. Tatro to Wells Fargo Bank NA; lot 11, Hill Crest Estates.

S  & W Foreclosure Corp. and James W. and Carmen S. Simpson to Wells Fargo Bank NA; lot 3, Autumn Woods.

Jerry and Joan Miller to Kenneth and Victoria Rickstrew; lot 6, Karlin Acres Fourth Addition, Bolivar.

Angela Diane Ingram to Michael Allen Ingram; part of sec. 31, twp. 33, rge. 21.


The following marriage applications were filed in the Polk County recorder’s office:

Curtis Wayne Williams, 27, Buffalo, and Amanda Kay Marsh, 29, Buffalo.

Christopher Allen Wright, 30, Morrisville, Michelle Kristie Smith, 29, Morrisville.

Robert Curtis Jones, 29, Halfway, and Mallory Alyssa Smith, 24, Halfway.


The following food service establishments were inspected by the Polk County Health Center on the dates shown, and the following violations were noted (critical violations involve handling of food; non-critical violations primarily involve housekeeping issues):

Tuesday, March 6

• Bolivar Primary School, 706 N. Leonard Place, Bolivar; routine; 0 critical; 1 non-critical (sink leaking).

Thursday, March 8

• Bolivar Intermediate School, 1300 N. Hartford Ave., Bolivar; routine; 0 critical; 0 non-critical.

• Creator Delights, 1303 E. Broadway St., Bolivar; routine; 1 critical (labeling); 1 non-critical (employee personal item stored in non-designated area).

Friday, March 9

• Bolivar High School, 1401 N. Pomme de Terre Ave., Bolivar; routine; 1 critical (food temperature, corrected on site); 0 non-critical.

Monday, March 12

• Kum & Go, 3303 W. Broadway St., Bolivar; routine; 2 critical (training; food temperature, corrected on site); 1 non-critical (microwave dirty).

• Fast ‘N’ Friendly, 1913 W. Broadway St.,, Bolivar; routine; 1 critical (date marking, corrected on site); 0 non-critical.

• Dollar General, 1805 W. Broadway St., Bolivar; routine; 0 critical; 1 non-critical (floors dirty, stained and worn).

Tuesday, March 13

• Bolivar AquaZone, 1710 W. Broadway St., Bolivar; routine; 1 critical (adulterated food items in refrigerator, corrected on site); 0 non-critical.

• Bolivar Middle School, 604 W. Jackson St., Bolivar; routine; 0 critical; 2 non-critical (storage; daylight exposed around back door).

Wednesday, March 14

• Home Court Advantage 1, 1211 E. Broadway St., Bolivar; routine; 0 critical; 1 non-critical (tile needs caulked or sealed).

• Home Court Advantage 2, 1201 E. 418th Road, Bolivar; routine; 1 critical (raw eggs stored above ready-to-eat foods, corrected on site); 0 non-critical.

• Home Court Advantage 3, 1205 E. 418th Road, Bolivar; routine; 1 critical (gloves not available); 0 non-critical.

• Home Court Advantage 4, 3891 Hwy. 83, Bolivar; routine; 0 critical; 0 non-critical.

• Bait Master’s, 5005 Hwy. 123, Aldrich; routine; 2 critical (raw eggs stored above read-to-eat foods, corrected on site; food temperature, repeat; corrected on site); 4 non-critical (food contact items stored under drain lines; corrected on site; lights missing shields; daylight exposed around door, needs proper thermometer).

Thursday, March 15

• Springfield Ave. Cafe, 921 S. Springfield Ave., Bolivar; complaint; 1 critical (wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer; corrected on site); 0 non-critical.

• Curly Cue BBQ, 507 E. Maupin St., Bolivar; routine; 0 non-critical; 3 non-critical (food storage, back door missing handle, small fryer needs to be housed under vented hood).

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