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The following questions came to the BH-FP newsroom from Bolivar Intermediate School fourth-graders.

When sorting through the chaos disguised as clutter throughout the house, one of the many things I came across was a clipping my late mother-i…

Bolivar Herald-Free Press readers can receive a discounted rate at Lucas Oil Speedway Saturday, June 15, while also helping to get newspapers …

The best things in life are free, they say. Sunsets, a hug from a child, the loyalty of a good dog are all fine examples, but as Jean Shepherd…

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It’s time to pack the boxes and load the moving truck. The Bolivar Herald-Free Press Friday edition is moving to Saturday. 

A longtime friend offered a thoughtful and welcome comment this week, I’m sure without any intent to provide column fodder.

Am I biased? Yes. And so are you. So are we all.