People who remember when the Skopec quadruplets — Kathryn, Kyle, Ryan and Seth — were born in 1997 probably are wondering where the time has gone.

Parents Steve and Sara Skopec beat 1-in-700,000 odds by becoming parents of the quadruplets. Has it really been 14 years since their birth was heralded on the front page of the BH-FP? It has. And with their 15th birthday coming June 5, the Skopec quadruplets are completing their freshman year at Bolivar High School.

The siblings are pretty good at knowing what each other completing each other’s sentences sometimes. “I think we know how to finish it,” Ryan said. “I was thinking about that, too,” Kyle added.

The three boys — Ryan and Seth are identical twins — look very much alike, though Sara says she can easily tell them apart. And it’s getting easier for others, too.

“I think people have gotten better at that,” Ryan said, though even as recently as last year they got in trouble for one of them pretending to be one of his brothers. Many people, though, bypass the first names altogether. “They usually just yell, ‘Hey, Skopec,’” Sara said.

By the time they were 10, Sara said she and Steve were becoming chauffeurs for their children, but older brother Caleb, who will turn 17 in April, does his share of driving his siblings around now, too.

“The boys all do cross country,” Sara said. “All of them have clubs at school they’re in. So it’s not too bad. And Caleb helps get them back and forth.”

Caleb, who had just turned 2 when the quads were born, is a junior at BHS. The quads say high school is academically more difficult than middle school, but they prefer the block schedule that allows for longer class periods.

Kathryn said having three siblings in the same grade is helpful — “helping each other study because we all have the same classes,” she said.

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