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Beef Day ‘education’


In response to Beef Days touting “education” as a part of their upcoming festival, I’d like to share some facts regarding the animal agriculture industry. I must begin by stating that this festival confuses me. Celebrating an industry that is centered around the suffering of animals, the devastating effects on our planet and detriment of our bodies seems irresponsible to me. I’m glad this is the first year of this questionable “festival” and I hope it’s the last. Yet I’m reminded that human history is brimming with bad ideas that don’t age well, I believe Beef Days to be one of these things. 

The facts I’d like to share in response to “celebration of beef” may be unpopular, especially in a county that is so entrenched in beef production but remember these facts are undeniable. Facts aren’t negotiable however much the former president tried to argue.

The Beef Days festival is going to avoid sharing the truth about the devastating affect the animal agriculture industry has on our planet and believe me is devastating with a capital D. Some short facts: animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change. Let me repeat that, animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change. Meat accounts for nearly 60% of all greenhouse gases from food production. The sobering fact that is often ignored, so I’ll put it in plain speak: animal agriculture is killing our planet. India is facing 120F degree weather this week. This is because of humans. We’ve all seen the photos of polar bears starving and their homes disappearing. To deny climate change is simply ignorance and most folks don’t realize how destructive the animal agriculture industry is. 

Animal agriculture affects three massive topics which “Beef Days” will say nothing about: 1) the health of our bodies, 2) the destruction of our planet and 3) the cruelty of enslaving, abusing and murdering the voiceless animals. 

Eating less meat or abstaining all together has been proven to benefit the health of the human body, even reversing cancer and other terminal diseases. Animal agriculture is affecting the planet with devastating impact releasing more greenhouse gas (climate change) than all transportation combined. Read that again, by raising and killing animals for our breakfast, lunch and dinner plates we are creating more dangerous gases in the air than all trains, planes and automobiles combined. What a shame and disrespect to our lovely and amazingly beautiful planet. No doubt, Beef Days will ignore these facts in their “education” … they will say no such thing.

I am aware this opinion is unpopular in the Midwest so I applaud this newspaper for sharing my thoughts, which are likely averse to most readers. Yet to have a fair representation of both sides, especially when discussing “education” is important, thank you Bolivar Press. As for the upcoming “festival” … I’ll be staying home. 

Shame on “Beef Days” for celebrating such an awful and destructive industry. Frankly, I’m baffled by the lack of compassion for the animals who’s lives are abused and cut short solely for the profit of the farmer. I’m baffled by our ignorance concerning the destruction of the planet. Our children and grandchildren will be the ones paying for our unwise choices. Yet there is hope, there are endless resources available online and in the community for changing your lifestyle away from the destruction of animal agriculture and toward cleaner, kinder plant-based living. 

Very concerned and disgusted by this “festival”… yuck,

Plant based in Polk County

Zach Stewart



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