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Bring Christmas to the boys ranch


Area residents once again have an opportunity to help make Christmas a reality for the residents of Good Samaritan Boys Ranch. 

For the 13th year, the Bolivar Herald-Free Press has partnered with GSBR to sponsor Christmas for boys at the ranch. 

Each ranch resident compiles a Christmas wish list of gifts they hope to receive, detailing wants from stereos to fishing poles and lava lamps to Denver Broncos jerseys. 

Call the BH-FP at 326-7636 with the name and number of the child to sponsor. Please call before purchasing a gift to ensure there are no duplicates. 

After the gifts are purchased, they can be dropped off — unwrapped — at the BH-FP office at 335 S. Springfield Ave. by Wednesday, Dec. 15.

Boys waiting to receive gifts are listed below, along with their clothing sizes, shoe sizes and wish lists. For more information on boys’ interests or hobbies, or to sponsor a child, call the BH-FP at 326-7636.  

R8, Male, fishing lures, 21 Pilots CD, sour candy, hygiene supplies, fishing pole, jeans 30x30, chiefs flat bill cap, hoodie size medium, black or gray.

R18, Male, guitar, Beyblades, fishing tackle, basketball shoes size 11.5, Mahomes jersey size extra large, portable CD player, Nickleback CD.

R29, Male, gift card for Lebron shoes, guitar, Nike slides size 9.5, LED strips, Fit Bit, dress boots size 9.5, tea party flag, Nerf basketball hoop.

R30, Male, gift card for Jordan retro shoes, gift card for Lebron shoes, Jordan hoodie size 2XL Jordan poster, Lecrae CD, Old Spice hygiene, Mexican flag.

R31, Male, Magic Gathering cards, Midnight Hunt game, Crimson Vow game, MP3 player, Skyrim guide book, sketch book, art supplies.

R32, Male, cowboy boots size 11, guitar, riding chaps, gift card for piano keyboard, “Witchhunter” DVD, football gloves, bluetooth speaker, Madden 18.

R33, Male, Fit Bit, basketball, gift card for Lebron shoes, NBA Bucks jersey size small, baseball glove, football, gift card for Kyrie 7 shoes.

R34, Male, RC car, Beyblades, Starwars Legos, Mandalorian Legos, strategy games, legos, Starwars troopers Legos.

R35, Male, RC truck, electric toothbrush, alarm clock, wallet, red XBox controller, Nerf gun rival, Nerf gun hypnos, tow truck Lego.

R37, Male, NF CD, RC car, guitar, Forza Horizon 4, NF hoodie size 2 extra large, Madden 17, wrist watch, portable DVD player.

R38, Male, cowboy boots, Nike basketball shoes size 9, City Legos, Pokemon cards, Harry Potter series, Pokemon guide book, Nike hoodie size medium, stereo.

R40, Male, Legos sets, fantasy/action books, fishing pole, basketball shoes size 10.5, RC car, Beyblades, board games, card games.

R41, Male, Jurassic World Legos, Indoraptor Lego, truck Legos, train Legos, Omen of Stars book, semi-truck Legos,T-Rex Lego, T-Rex transport Lego.

R42, Male, Vans shoes size 9, Nike basketball shoes, Adidas jogger, checkered Vans shoes, Hey Dudes shoes, pop music CD, stereo.

R43, Male, Fazbear Frights books, Ghostbusters animated, Wolf Plush, 5 Nights/Freddies shirt, Plants vs Zombies, sketchbooks, Garbage Pail Kids card box, Yoshi Wooly World.

R44, Male, skateboard, portable CD player, Van shoes black size 8, watch, fishing pole, fishing tackle, cowboy boots, fitness clothes size medium.

R45, Male, Upchurch CD, guitar amp, gift card for guitar, Fit Bit, boots size 14, Theory/Dead Man CD, 5 Finger Death Punch CD, LED strips.

R47, Male, Foxy Plush, Need for Speed PS2, gift card for guitar, sweatshirt size medium, bomber jacket, Nerf gun, Nerf gun pistol.

R49, Male, gift card for Jordan retro shoes, work out set, 100 Series DVD, Nike socks size 12, Nike sweatbands, camera, basketball, skateboard.

R50, Male, Eagles hoodie size large, Eagles hat, Skillet CD, Madden 2021, Risk game, gift card for Jordan retro shoes, boots size 14, Curry shoes size 14. 

The ranch also invites financial contributions. It has staff available who are able to do the gift shopping if needed. Find  more information at app.etapestry.com/onlineforms/GoodSamaritanBoysRanch/Hopefulholidays.html.


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