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‘Girl! Get healthy!’

Polk County Health Center reminds women of free health screenings


‘Girl! Get healthy’ is the message sounded by the Polk County Health Center’s new campaign to make women aware of the free health services offered through the Show Me Healthy Women program.

“October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month heightened women’s awareness of health screenings, but many don’t follow through because of time, money or lack of insurance,” says PCHC Nurse Practitioner Michelle Thomazin. “And, now coming into the holidays, more ladies will park their health on the back burner. We’re here to remind them not to.”  

Thomazin and PCHC RN Laura Miller work directly with women through the Show Me Healthy Women program to help them get the initial screenings they need to improve their health. 

 “We know from experience that health screenings can prevent issues or detect problems early,” says Miller. “Early detection is the key so much of the time.  The Show Me Healthy Women Program can provide important women’s screenings, if we can just get women to take advantage of the services. Please share the word!” 

 Who qualifies for free health screenings? And what is provided?

For women living in Missouri who are age 35 to 64, and are either uninsured or underinsured and meet the income guidelines, the Show Me Health Women program provides free services including: 

- breast exams

- screening mammograms

- pelvic exams

- pap tests

- HPV testing 

 “There are some financial guidelines, but truly, do not let that stop you from inquiring about this free program,” says Thomazin. “Many women think they may not qualify but are pleasantly surprised when they do. The health center – all of our staff – want to help any woman who needs these screenings.”  

From the initial appointment, through follow-up screenings and further referrals, both Thomazin and Miller remain in contact with women to help them continue on their health journey.

“Show Me Healthy Women is just the first step to good health,” says Miller. “We have several success stories, of women who first came in for screenings through this program that we then were able to refer to the Wise Woman program for lifestyle wellness and see them go off on their own to continue they journeys to better health. But it has to start somewhere and the screenings and consultations through Show Me Healthy Women is the right place.” 

 How does a woman access the Show Me Healthy Women program?

To learn more about the Show Me Healthy Women program or other programs, screenings and health services provided by PCHC, call the center at 417-326-7250 or go online at polkcountyhealthcenter.com.  



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