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Polk County’s first medical marijuana cultivation facility is now open for business.

Flora Farms’ 55,000-square-foot grow facility, located north of Humansville on Mo. 13, just south of the St. Clair County line was granted commencement approval by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services earlier this month. 

The milestone makes it the state’s sixth cultivation facility to begin cultivating medical marijuana, according to a Flora Farms news release. 

“We’re very proud of all the time and effort that went into getting this facility up and running,” Flora Farms Chief Operating Officer Mark Hendren said in the release. “We couldn’t have done it without our great staff, our amazing construction partners and the guidance of the Department of Health and Senior Services.”

According to the release, the cultivation facility is “the first operation in Missouri to be built from the ground up for the specific purpose of growing medical cannabis.”

But, the release stated, Flora Farms is planning to grow even more. 

The Humansville facility currently has the capacity for 30,000 square feet of flowering canopy and is expected to double in size early next year, the release stated. 

As previously reported by the BH-FP, the expansion isn’t just for cultivation. The company has plans to open a 2,500 square foot dispensary at the site, too. 

The facility could hire up to an estimated 40 full-time employees, company spokesperson Matthan Black previously told the BH-FP. 

“Flora Farms is making an investment of several million dollars into the Humansville facility,” he said. “We hope to see that investment pay off for our company and the people of Missouri.”

The company is a collaboration between two firms that were awarded state medical marijuana licenses last year — Erba Holdings of Joplin and BD Health Ventures of Springfield. 

Both companies brought to the table investors, pharmaceutical experts and cannabis professionals, Black previously told the BH-FP. 

“After the licenses were awarded in December, our partners joined forces to become the largest cultivator and supplier of medical marijuana in southwest Missouri with locations in Humansville, Neosho and Springfield,” he said. 

According to the release, Flora Farms is the largest medical marijuana cultivator in the state. 

“I’ve waited a long time for this,” Mark Buddemeryer, Flora Farms’ Director of Cultivation, said in the release. “Now it’s time to show the state of Missouri what we can do.”

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