Brenda and her husband, Steven Rush, are managers of the caverns located on the Newton/Boone county line on state Highway 7.

Brenda recited the history of the caverns, dating to 1850 with the earliest physical evidence of visitors in 1919. Tours began a few years before 1928. Before that, visitors made use of the cave. The caverns were located north of the thriving town of Wilcockson which was the county seat of Newton County. It was located at Marble Falls and had a busy grain mill at the falls.

Various owners had the cave until 1950 when the property was bought by Albert Raney, Sr., who developed the area and a road was bulldozed from the ticket office, which was located on the highway up the hill to the cave. It was opened at this time under the name, Mystic Caverns. The caverns were sold to Dogpatch theme park in 1966 and a number of improvements were made to the site.

Jim Schermerhorn, a well-known caver, supervised much of the work at this time. He was operating a bulldozer when the blade broke through into an opening. He found a spectacular, undisturbed cavern which was named Crystal Dome. Dogpatch sold the caves to a local businessman and Bruce Raney, the son of Albert Raney, Jr., managed the caves. It reopened as Mystic Caverns at that time. Steven Rush bought Mystic Caverns and Crystal in 1988. In 1997, Rush sold the Mystic Caverns and Crystal Dome business to Mystic Caverns, Inc., and leased them the property. The caves are currently managed by Steven and Brenda Rush.

The caverns are open the year round with shorter hours in the winter. It is not open on Sunday. The summer hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

A brief business meeting was conducted following the program. It was conducted by Patsy Wilson, president. A memorial was given to Sharon Knieff, as a recognition to David Knieff, who died June 29. Hostesses for the meeting were Pauline Ramsey and her daughter, Jan Larsen. There were 25 persons present.

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