The following Polk County candidates will face off in contested races in the Tuesday, April 6, municipal election. These candidates were invited to provide a photo and answer the following question: Why should voters cast their ballots for you instead of your opponent(s)? Responses were limited to 100 words, and some have been edited for length or clarity.

Ellie Biron

1A and 2-3A-Candidates Hville school Ellie Biron.jpg


As a mother who has raised four daughters, a Sunday school teacher as well as running a successful weekly after school Bible club for well over 30 of our Humansville school children, I spend a lot of quality time with our children and understand the needs, challenges and issues that they are facing every day. For far too long our school board has been political and not had our children’s best interest at heart. I will fervently stand for the needs of our school system and for the precious minds that shape the future of our America.      




Debbie Johnson

Education is the single largest investment to be made in our children's lives. Without a good foundation in education most will struggle the rest of their lives. Running for re-election to the Humansville School Board is important to me as I want to do everything that I can to help ensure our school district is the best that it can possibly be. We are all facing some difficult decisions in the near future with virtual learning, budgeting, etc., and I would be honored to be a part of helping make the decisions to guide our school district into this future.


Bobby McAntire

The BH-FP did not receive a candidate profile from this candidate.


Sarah Witham 

1A and 2-3A-Candidates Hville school Sarah Witham.jpg


As mother of four children attending Humansville elementary school, I have a significant interest in the success of our school district. If elected, I’ll advocate for high quality education and common-sense use of resources. I’m a servant-spirited member of our community and pledge to help ensure opportunities continue to be provided to our students so they may reach their full potential. We have  tremendous teachers and staff who need our support. By working together we can build an environment where students, parents, teachers and staff feel  they’re welcome and supported. I ask for your support because our children come first.

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