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The City of Bolivar has taken one monthly payment off its plate after its board of aldermen voted unanimously to pay off the balance on the city’s 6-acre public works property in its Tuesday, April 23, meeting.

According to the board packet, the remaining balance on the property at 2551 W. Broadway St. was $200,948. It includes a 20,500-square-foot main building, as well as another building and two open-air canopy storage sheds.  

The board approved a budget amendment of $197,500 transferred from the street fund. Applied to the current budget of $11,800, the new budget equaled $209,300.

The packet said the city had made two payments on the building in 2019.

“The payments were split between water, sewer and street,” City Administrator Tracy Slagle said in the meeting, “but the street department had a larger reserve, and they’re paying the balance off.”

According to previous BH-FP coverage, the city purchased the former Lumber 84 location in March 2009 to house its water, sewer and street departments in one spot.    

The city initially made a $40,500 escrow payment toward the $810,000 total purchase price, with $500,000 of that being financed, previous coverage said. The down payment was paid with money from all three departments that was invested in certificates of deposit with the intention of someday buying new facilities for the departments.

Also on the agenda

IFC restaurant classifications: With a 6-0-2 vote, the board voted to adopt the International Fire Code’s A-2 classification concerning restaurants, bars, nightclubs and halls. Aldermen Thane Kifer and Justin Ballard abstained.    

Codification changes: The board voted unanimously to approve proposed codification and ordinance updates.

Right of way: The board tabled a vote regarding WON Communication’s application for a new pole on city right of way.

Airport updates: Thanks to a unanimous vote, the board authorized a contract supplement with Olsson Associates for phase 1 of the city’s airport project. With a unanimous vote, the board also approved the purchase of a micro-tower with Potomac Aviation for $92,610.43.

MoDOT funds: With a unanimous vote, the board approved the city’s grant application for MoDOT funds for street improvements.

Sewer lining: The board voted unanimously to authorize a contract with Insituform for 2019’s sewer lining project.  

Closed session: The board met in executive session under the following exemption: leasing, purchase or sale of real estate by a public government body. According to redacted minutes, no votes were taken.

Aldermen Kifer, Ballard, Ethel Mae Tennis, Steve Skopec, Mike Ryan, Steve Sagaser, Alexis Neal and Charles Keith were present at the April 23 meeting.

Read more about the April 23 meeting, as well as the March 26 and April 11 meetings, in the complete draft minutes from open and closed sessions online at

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